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Hancock Park

Lewisport’s Number One Project

Huge Success at Lewisport City Council Meeting The Lewisport City Council Meeting was held on Thursday evening, December 14th, and the Public Works Crew extends a huge thank you to everyone for all of their hard work to help with the Christmas parade and Christmas in the Park. “It was a huge success,” Mayor Chad…

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Public comments on speeding traffic problem in Lewisport

A concerned resident attended the Lewisport City Council Meeting on Thursday evening, July 20th, requesting that city law enforcement handle the problem of speeding vehicles through neighborhoods. The Lewisport resident & his wife live on Bluegrass Drive and moved in last September, he said. He addressed the council saying, “I came to the meeting to…

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Lewisport growth continues; duplex next; city names new police officer

The Lewisport City Council met on Thursday evening, November 17 and Josh Roberts, Lewisport City Manager, was appointed Lewisport Mayor Pro Tem (from the Latin, pro tempore, meaning ‘for the time being’). He will serve when Mayor Chad Gregory is out of town, sick, or otherwise unable to preside at meetings or appear on behalf…

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Hancock Landfill proposal brings large crowd to public hearing

The Hancock County Solid Waste Management Public Hearing was Monday, September 19 at the Hancock County Career Center at 6:00 p.m. Public comments were received by Hancock County Fiscal Court on the proposed solid waste management plan, which if approved would serve as the basis for handling solid waste management issues in Hancock The public…

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Lewisport City Council Monthly Meeting – new water plant discussed,

Lewisport City Council Monthly Meeting – new water plant discussed, Wes Pate resigns, new truck for Fire Department approved. The Lewisport City Council met on Thursday, September 15 for their monthly meeting and discussed several topics, including the possibility of building a new water plant in the future. Mayor Chad Gregory commented on the project:…

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Lewisport discussing infrastructure to attact new homes

  Several topics were discussed at the Lewisport City Council Meeting last week

. On Thursday evening, August 18, several topics were discussed at the Lewiport City Council Meeting, such as encouraging home developers to build in the area and putting in more lamp posts for better lighting of the streets at night.
   “We’re trying to…

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Hancock County records strong population growth

The United States government recently started to release the results of the 2020 census on, and the 2020 census showed several positives for Hancock County. For starters, Hancock County recorded the second strongest population growth in Western Kentucky with a 6.188-percent increase. Daviess County led Western Kentucky with a 6.887-percent population increase. In 2010…

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Group forms to fix stray cats

A new county group is taking on the old problem of stray cats, attempting to raise money to spay or neuter them in an effort to reduce the population that can sometimes swell and cause problems in neighborhoods. Hancock Community Kitties was formed to do something about the growing number of stray cats, but the…

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Hancock Park goes BIG for Halloween, all kids invited!

While COVID-19 has limited or stopped most Halloween activities in the county, one neighborhood is going bigger this year, putting out the call for kids and families to come to Hancock Park in a bid to bring back the busy Halloween nights many remember from years ago. The push began in late September with a…

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