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Hancock County Schools

Hancock County Public Schools, with campuses located in Hawesville, Lewisport, and South Hancock, serves over 1600 students in four school facilities; the breakdown of school campuses are North Hancock Elementary, South Hancock Elementary, Hancock County Middle School and Hancock County High School. In addition, the district offers all day Kindergarten and offers Preschool services.

Over the past decade, Hancock County Public Schools has earned high marks on testing, and is one of the top scoring school systems in the state. In addition, Hancock County Public Schools became the first district to provide all of its high school students with iPads, and recently the district began offering iPads to all of its middle school students. Some iPads are also available in the elementary schools. Hancock County Public Schools also became the first school district in the state to offer iBook throughout multiple courses.

Hancock County Public Schools also partnered with the Dataseam initiative, which provided the district with computers, and during down time Dataseam uses the computers for cancer research.

Hancock County Public Schools spends more than $10,500 per student, with 57-percent of its expenditures on instruction. In addition, 100-percent of the district’s classes are taught by certified teachers. Hancock County Public Schools fosters a school culture where the teaching and support staff at each school promotes community cooperation and teamwork. Hancock County Public Schools, and Hancock County in general is a community that supports its children, and expects nothing from the best from each student.