The Clarion’s Regional Senior Living magazine is an annual high gloss publication that reaches into seven counties in Western Kentucky including; Daviess, Henderson, Hancock, Ohio, McLean, Breckenridge and Perry counties.


The Regional Senior Living magazine was developed in 2016 due to the continuous boom in the senior population and their needs.  The publication provides pertinent and interesting information, plus products and services for people over the age of 50.   It helps seniors with health providers, home care, estate planning, assisted living, Medicare, and other relevant news for the given year.  The Regional Senior Living magazine also assists companies who need to reach this targeted audience.


The ever-growing senior population has become a huge target market for most every business.  Our targeted senior marketing distribution delivers to both affluent and lower income readers.  We deliver in senior centers, retirement and assisted living homes, specialty pharmacies, doctor’s offices, grocery stores and other businesses with a large senior population or customers.  We also mail the Regional Senior Living magazine anywhere for a minimum cost.  Our estimated readership is currently 25,000+


We credit our success to understanding the field of marketing to senior citizens and giving them access to local businesses and services that align with the needs of those 50 and over.


Our unique process and our dedication to delivering magazines for senior citizens truly speaks to the needs and wants of our readers which makes us one of the best Regional Senior Living magazines in this Western Kentucky area.

All advertising is placed in the high gloss print magazine, as well as being accessible online (through Google search) and on the website.

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