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Clarion Fall Home Improvement

The 2022 Clarion Fall Home Improvement edition brings readers an array of home upgrades, how to get organized and many other home tips!

To name a few articles presented, the list includes:


*How to choose paint colors

*Decorative fall home décor.

*Beautiful floor coverings –what type of carpet to use in your home’s high traffic areas, living rooms and bedrooms.

*Tips for upgrading bathrooms and why this is such an important aspect of home improvement.

*How to change your home’s atmosphere, by layering indoor lighting.

*Why it’s important for homeowners to consider outdoor lighting; not just for beautifying and adding value, but also for safety.


Additionally this special edition provides many trusted contractors for all your indoor and outdoor upgrades and much more!

Don’t miss this special for best tips on remodeling your home this fall, before the holidays! 


To view this edition, click the link below:


 For more information on how to participate in future Clarion Home Improvement editions, please contact: Linda Dillon at