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Lewisport City updates; new Lewisport Police Officer Nick Jarboe

At the Lewisport City Council Meeting on Thursday, November 16th, it was announced that preparations are already underway for another wonderful, annual Christmas in the Park event in downtown Lewisport, Friday, December 1st, from 6-9 p.m. In addition, the Public Works crew has done an excellent job decorating the city with Christmas lights.

Congrats to new Lewisport Police Officer Nick Jarboe!

New Lewisport Police Officer Nick Jarboe (left) just finished his police academy training and was one of only 3 in his graduating class of 31 officers to receive the Award for Recruits of Distinction. Lewisport Chief of Police Greg Linn (right) congratulated Jarboe on his accomplishments.

Police Dept. Update

Lewisport Chief of Police Greg Linn said, “Nick Jarboe completed his police academy training and graduated on the 9th. Only 3 in his class of 31 received the Award of Recruit Distinction, and he was one of them. It entails that you have to have a GPA of 95 percent or higher, no failures in any tested area, no documented disciplinary actions, an evaluation rating of acceptable or higher on all progress reports, and actively supports teamwork within the class environment. We’re very pleased to have him back. I know he’s glad to be back. It’s official now; he’s certified. On another note, we have taken a little over 500 calls for the year so far.”

Public Works Update

Superintendent R.J. Simpson reported, “Everything is going well. We put in 7 new gas services here recently. We’ve upgraded 3 gas services to a bigger meter for standby generators. We put in 1 new water service. We fixed 3 service line leaks.

The crew took advantage of the warm weather and got the decorations and lights put up; they got everything looking nice for the holidays. The pilot (Reverse Osmosis/RO Pilot) unit will be finished November 22nd. We’re going to tear it down and get it ready to ship out by the 30th. The electric contractors are putting in some of the hardware for the county booster station. The Herrick Company is planning to come in on Nov. 28th to start some of the mechanical for pumps, pipes, etc.”

Dog Park Discussed

Council members discussed the possibility of adding a dog park, with a suggested location of behind the Lewisport Community Center. There have been many incidences of dogs off their leashes and even people being bitten over the years. Councilman Kelly Vanover said that a dog park would give people an opportunity to allow their dogs to run in a designated fenced-in area. “You’ve seen the one at Legion Park,” Vanover said. “It’s pretty simple. A lot of times those are funded or at least set up by donation. I think people would utilize it a bunch.

There isn’t a lot of upkeep to a dog park. It is a shame that you can’t walk for fear of dogs (off leashes) and have to be turning around all the time. I have a scar where I’ve been bit. You have old people that could get hurt. I think it would be beneficial, and I think a lot of people would like to have a place to let their dogs run inside a contained area.” Lewisport Mayor Chad Gregory said that is something that can be looked at and explored.

It was also brought up that, in addition to many having their dogs off of leashes, people are often times not cleaning up after them. Councilwoman Mary Margaret Hawkins added to the conversation, “We’ve got a leash law, all we’d have to do is revise that to where you have to pick up droppings from your animal. That would be the simplest thing. Let’s pass a law that they must pick up after their dogs or they’ll be fined.” The discussion was tabled for another meeting.

December Council Meeting

The December Lewisport City Council Meeting has been moved to Thursday, December 14th at 6:30 p.m.

By Jennifer Wimmer

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