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Lewisport Mayor Chad Gregory

Lewisport City updates; new Lewisport Police Officer Nick Jarboe

At the Lewisport City Council Meeting on Thursday, November 16th, it was announced that preparations are already underway for another wonderful, annual Christmas in the Park event in downtown Lewisport, Friday, December 1st, from 6-9 p.m. In addition, the Public Works crew has done an excellent job decorating the city with Christmas lights. Congrats to…

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Hawesville looking for grants to help with future plans

Hawesville Mayor Rob McCormick reports at the Hawesville City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 14th, that City Administrator Jake Powers has been doing a wonderful job at documenting the city’s maintenance costs. Unexpected costs in the city have been tallied at around $25,869. “We’ve got water and sewer repairs and A11s,” Powers said. “For July-Oct.,…

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Iron in water causes setback in Lewisport RO Pilot Study

Lewisport City Council met on Thursday evening, August 17th, and Engineer Bryan Lovan, Co-Owner of Bluegrass Engineering, explained how they’ve been meeting some challenges in the water plant study, due to iron build-up in the water. Three Code Enforcement Board members were approved by the council as well. Update on RO Project The reverse osmosis…

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Public comments on speeding traffic problem in Lewisport

A concerned resident attended the Lewisport City Council Meeting on Thursday evening, July 20th, requesting that city law enforcement handle the problem of speeding vehicles through neighborhoods. The Lewisport resident & his wife live on Bluegrass Drive and moved in last September, he said. He addressed the council saying, “I came to the meeting to…

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Lewisport rickhouse gets its first barrel; Q&A follows at council meeting

  The Lewisport City Council Meeting was held on Thursday evening, June 15th. David Carroll, Director of Operations at Green River Distillery, attended along with Ryan Fulkerson, Special Projects & Engineering Manager, and others. Carroll opened the floor for questions concerning the Lewisport rickhouse site. “The 2nd rickhouse is already underway,” Carroll said. “Those are…

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Hawesville audit, grants, water tie-in with Lewisport

Hawesville City Council met on Tuesday, February 14th at 6:30 p.m. Hawesville Mayor Robert McCormick called the meeting to order and they began with the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer, followed by roll call. Hawesville City Clerk Lora Basham and Attorney Jamie Stephens joined council members Tracy Johnson, Wayne Herndon, Kevin Linn, Junie Morris, Danny…

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