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Lewisport City Council

Lewisport City Council cracking down on homeowners; enforcing property upkeep, updates on projects

  The Lewisport City Council met on Thursday, April 20th. Mayor Chad Gregory and council members made the decision to enforce the upkeep of properties. Matt Curtis and Bryan Lovan, co-owners of Bluegrass Engineering, attended the meeting and provided updates for ongoing projects, including the water treatment plant. Enforcing Upkeep Gregory said that the need…

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Lewisport growth continues; duplex next; city names new police officer

The Lewisport City Council met on Thursday evening, November 17 and Josh Roberts, Lewisport City Manager, was appointed Lewisport Mayor Pro Tem (from the Latin, pro tempore, meaning ‘for the time being’). He will serve when Mayor Chad Gregory is out of town, sick, or otherwise unable to preside at meetings or appear on behalf…

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2022 Ballot; City Council Candidates and Write-Ins

The two write-in candidates for Hawesville City Council are Joan King and Justin Basham. Joan is the wife of current Hawesville Mayor Charlie King who is seeking re-election. There are nine city council members running for re-election on November 8 – four on the Lewisport City Council and five on the Hawesville City Council. In…

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Zoning change will allow duplexes in Lewisport

The Lewisport City Council met on Thursday, October 20 and in the following paragraphs are the details, with the exception of the new water plant discussion with Matt Curtis and Bryan Lovan of Bluegrass Engineering. You will find that information in a separate article on Page . First Reading of Ordinance to Rezone Charlie Kamuf,…

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Getting to know you; Fire Chief and EMT, Troy Roberts

   Troy Roberts, Lewisport Fire Department Chief and EMT, graduated from Hancock County High School in 1991. He is the son of the late Linda Mae Morgan Roberts and John Edward Roberts.    Troy often helped his dad out at Southern States farm supply store in Hawesville and said it gave him the opportunity to also…

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Lewisport City Council Monthly Meeting – new water plant discussed,

Lewisport City Council Monthly Meeting – new water plant discussed, Wes Pate resigns, new truck for Fire Department approved. The Lewisport City Council met on Thursday, September 15 for their monthly meeting and discussed several topics, including the possibility of building a new water plant in the future. Mayor Chad Gregory commented on the project:…

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Lewisport discussing infrastructure to attact new homes

  Several topics were discussed at the Lewisport City Council Meeting last week

. On Thursday evening, August 18, several topics were discussed at the Lewiport City Council Meeting, such as encouraging home developers to build in the area and putting in more lamp posts for better lighting of the streets at night.
   “We’re trying to…

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Citizen addresses Council about Lewisport trespassing issues

Lewisport property owner Renee DeWitt attended the March 17 meeting of Lewisport City Council to personally address her concerns with police availability in the city related to trespassing on her property near Poplar Grove Apartments. DeWitt’s concerns were first presented at the Feb. 18 meeting in a read-out of a letter by council member Kelly…

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