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Healthy Habits; Copper


Copper is an essential mineral that we need in small amounts. Studies show that it is common for people to be low in copper.

It’s very important to make sure you get the right amount each day according to your weight/dosage recommendation, because too much copper could cause health problems.

Here are just some of the many possible health benefits of getting your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) – around 900 micrograms a day for adults – of copper:

  • Helps process cholesterols
  • Regulates heart rate & blood pressure
  • Promotes optimal immune system function
  • Assists with formation of healthy red blood cells, bones & connective tissue
  • Important for brain health
  • Helps with absorption of iron and prevents prostatitis

Some foods rich in copper are: liver, oysters, spirulina, shitake mushrooms, lobster, nuts & seeds, leafy greens and raw, organic cacao powder/dark chocolate.

Only 1-2 tablespoons of spirulina powder a day added to your smoothies, juice, water or shakes would provide your daily copper. (See my column on spirulina in the 10-15-2022 edition of the Clarion.)

Nuts & Seeds provide protein, fiber, healthy fats and other nutrients along with copper. For example, one ounce of raw, organic almonds has 67 percent of the RDI of copper. Eat a handful of raw or sprouted almonds daily. Or, eat raw, organic almond butter. You can mix in some local honey and raw, organic cacao powder for a healthy version of Nutella!

If you choose to up your daily, dark leafy green intake to get your copper in, I recommend swiss chard or kale – one cup, lightly steamed (3 minutes) yields around 30 percent of your RDI of copper, along with being a great, assimilable source of calcium.

Be Well and God Bless You.

Jennifer Wimmer

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