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Onion Juice; inexpensive home remedy for many ailments


Healthy Habits: Onion Juice

Onion juice is an easily accessible, inexpensive home remedy for many ailments. I recommend juicing organic, red onions instead of other varieties, because of their higher antioxidant content.

Here’s how to make onion juice:

Peel one small, organic red onion and rinse with filtered water. Next, you can either grate the raw onion, or chop and place the pieces into a blender or food processor for further breaking them down into a mushy substance.

Take the onion mush and place it into a fine mesh strainer. Press the mixture and catch the juice into a small bowl. Once you’ve pressed out all the liquid, you can take the remainder of the onion mush, place it into a cheesecloth and squeeze out the rest of the juice.

This raw onion juice makes an excellent expectorant for eliminating mucous from the lungs.

Place one tablespoon into a glass, along with a tablespoon of fresh, organic lemon juice and some raw, local honey to taste, and drink 3 times a day until the mucous has cleared.

There are many external and internal uses for onion juice, such as:

  • sore throat gargle
  • cough medicine
  • hair growth serum

Research more online, or at the library for specific instructions on making other home remedies with onion juice. Also, you can read my previous column on the benefits of consuming red onion.

Here is a quick list of some of the many possible health benefits of red onion juice:

  • improves digestion
  • helps keep bones & teeth healthy
  • promotes skin & hair health
  • antibiotic
  • antimicrobial antiseptic
  • helps bring high fever down
  • relieves sore throat
  • alleviates allergy symptoms
  • natural cough medicine
  • promotes hair growth
  • helps treat asthma
  • alkalizes the body/balances pH
  • anti-inflammatory
  • helps with managing diabetes
  • treats dandruff,
  • reduces blood pressure,
  • helps alleviate arthritis and regulates hormones

Be Well and God Bless You!

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