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Jennifer Wimmer Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits, Vitamin C; beware of synthetic versions

  Healthy Habits: Vitamin C The best way to get your daily Vitamin C is from whole foods. Most supplements, even if they claim to be natural, are incomplete and can cause negative side effects. I used to purchase ascorbic acid powder, or Emergen-C not realizing this. Ascorbic acid on its own is not Vitamin C;…

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Onion Juice; inexpensive home remedy for many ailments

  Healthy Habits: Onion Juice Onion juice is an easily accessible, inexpensive home remedy for many ailments. I recommend juicing organic, red onions instead of other varieties, because of their higher antioxidant content. Here’s how to make onion juice: Peel one small, organic red onion and rinse with filtered water. Next, you can either grate…

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Lemon Balm Plant; internal medicinal qualities – make a tea!

Healthy Habits; Lemon Balm A member of the mint family, lemon balm grows fairly easily and is a wonderful plant to have in the garden. For instance, you may be out in the garden working and realize that you forgot to apply insect repellent. No need to run back into the house, because those lemon…

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