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What I learned from dying; I might be going bald


Soon, allegedly, the sun will feel a little hotter, breezes will be just a bit tougher to notice, and my shampoo bill will plummet. I’ve been told that on this new chemo treatment I have anywhere from a pretty good chance to a who knows how good a chance at losing my hair.

I was given the example of two friends who had the same treatment and one went fully bald and one kept all of their hair. I guess we wait and see which of those two people I’ll be like.

This brings to the forefront a question it seems almost every guy has asked himself at some point: do I have a funny shaped head?

Guys ask the question when we’re younger and we’re kicking around ideas about shaving our heads, which seems to be something every guy considers at least at one point. The thing that holds so many of us back is, what happens if my head is funny looking?

Girls of course don’t typically think about such things, although I do know at least a couple of females who’ve shaved their heads in years past just for the fun of it. Actually one was because she’d grown dreadlocks and pretty much had to shave them out of her caucasian head.

I believe my head is generally head shaped, but what if the back is flat or I have weird scars that no one knows the origins of?  Maybe there’ll be a tattoo of a treasure map or some clue leading to some Goonies or Indiana Jones-type hunts.  Now THAT would be quite a turn of events.

Is there such a thing as losing part of my hair?

Like I’ll just have this thin, wispy, sad looking hairdo that will force me to either just look sad or try to shave it to save face. Or what if I lose all the hair in the back but not the front or something crazy like that?

A while back I saw a thing online where someone had taken photos of famous people and photoshopped all of their hair away.  Some of them, like Donald Trump, were actually an improvement, but the most memorable one was George Lucas, who turned into a shapeless blob without his hair. It was hilarious and shocking, but now I’m wondering if I’ll be a similar blob.

Or what if bald is the perfect look for me?  I guess anything is possible.

I hate to admit how vain I am when it comes to things like this, even though most people would wonder if I might need to check a mirror more often, but I was so vain years ago I even watched how I adjusted my glasses in a mirror and chose the way I felt seemed the coolest. My hair isn’t always neat but I’ve tried to make sure it was never boring,

Regardless how this plays out I hope it’s a temporary change and that with improved health my hair will grow back just as before. If it never grows back that means I have way bigger issues to deal with, so I’ll be thankful for the hair I have now and whatever remains at the end of this.

By Dave Taylor


  1. Paul Dornburg on October 14, 2021 at 10:17 am

    I pray your hair will grow back.

  2. Shanonn Harpe on December 2, 2021 at 3:56 pm

    I’ve always been a huge fan of your hair, Dave. Even a little jealous at times.

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