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Fiscal Court Approves Culvert Repair at Windward Heights



The Hancock County Fiscal Court met on Monday evening, February 26th, and the approval was made to use some of the rural secondary dollars for 5 tiles to repair a culvert that joins 271 at Windward Heights, as the installation and settling of those tiles is a priority.

There are many rural secondary routes (farm-to-market routes) in the county. The Kentucky State Road Department and KY Transportation Cabinet funds were made available to be used on a rural secondary route in the county totaling $385,761 and were implemented for KY2181 resurfacing, with flex funds for the county totaling $149,401, and the fiscal court can use these funds on resurfacing county roads, as reported in the Clarion last July.

The rural secondary dollars can also be used for ditching, culvert replacement, soil stabilization, bridge repairs and guardrail replacement (only where a guardrail was already located).

Vastwood Splash Pad Update

The approval was made to rebid the construction of the building housing new bathrooms and the equipment room (for the Splash Pad equipment) at Vastwood Park. “These bids were supposed to be separate,” Judge-Executive Johnny Roberts said. “There’s 2 separate contracts. They were supposed to itemize each one, so we could have a run down of what the bathrooms cost.

One of the general contractors did not do that so we talked to the architect [of the Splash Pad] and GRADD, and they recommended we rebid that soon. It’ll have to go out for 7-21 days again, so hopefully we can talk to them and rebid that and it is itemized so we can see what each contract costs.”

The Splash Pad itself is mostly completed and located between the parking lot in front of the beach house and the tennis courts, just south of the lake. The equipment room/new bathrooms will be one small building located a little closer to the tennis courts.

As reported in the Clarion, $200K was secured in 2022 from the Land & Water Conservation Fund for the construction of the Splash Pad (Spray Park), through the partnership with Hancock County and GRADD. Domtar also generously donated $10K toward the project.

Fire Dept. Updates

The new Dukes Fire Station build will begin as soon as Monday, March 4th, depending on weather conditions. The crew planned to pour the concrete for the parking lot at Dukes Fire Dept. on Tuesday, February 27th, if it didn’t rain, and were working all day Monday getting it ready. The build is expected to begin next week, as Thursday, February 29th is the tentative cure date on the concrete.

Hawesville Fire Chief Shane Richards said Engine 204 is back, as of Friday, February 23rd. “Everything seems to be working properly,” he said. “They did change up the steering gear box, it was leaking bad so we had to go ahead and replace it. They replaced all 6 injectors because of the age on them; It’s a ’97 truck.”

By Jennifer Wimmer


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