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Local couple invites group to hear Missionary Marc Frugè

Marc Fruge has served with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for 18 years. For the last 6 years he’s been located with YWAM Kona in Hawaii and has, for the last 4 years, been working with project End Bible Poverty Now to help people who’ve never had a Bible in their own language receive one. To donate to his mission, go to:

Rita and Billy Stephens, of Lewisport, hosted around 25 people in their home last Thursday evening, February 8th, to hear a special guest. Missionary Marc Frugè spoke about the volunteer organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM) that he has dedicated his time to for 18 years now, and talked about their goal to put Bibles into the hands of every person in the world. Not just that, but Bibles that are translated into their own language so that once they’ve been saved, they can continue to read the Word of God and follow it.

Marc (41) is the son of Natalie Henning, of Lewisport. He joined YWAM when he was 23. “I came to know the Lord when I was 9-years-old,” he said. “I really got serious about my faith when I was 15. I started reading the Bible everyday and asking the Holy Spirit to show me what it means. I was going to church and was really active in youth group.

Later, I was getting counseled by the pastor at my church and I just started seeking the Lord. God put people into my life that taught me about YWAM. It was one of those things that the more I looked into it, it just felt right.”

He began training with YWAM on January 1st, 2006. “The main thing this mission does is we help young people get to know God and we take them out on mission trips. We, currently, are working on a project where we do Bible distribution and we call it ‘Engagement’. Basically, any way that we can get people to receive the Bible and interact with God in it, we’re all about it.”

The YWAM slogan is: To know God and to make Him known. “The main way that we operate is we just try to hear God in prayer and do what we think He’s saying,” Marc said. “And, yes, we get it wrong. We try and a lot of times we get it right, not because we’re awesome but because God is better at speaking than we are at hearing.”

YWAM is in over 180 nations and at 1,800 locations, and there are about 20,000 full-time volunteers at any given point, Marc said. He explained that the founder, the late Loren Cunningham, started the organization at age 27. “He had this waking vision of all these waves crashing over planet earth but it wasn’t ‘global warming’, it was young people – the waves turned into young people sharing the Gospel.

Back in 1960, that wasn’t very normal to send young people, teenagers and people in their early 20s, out to do missions so he was one of the first people to really believe in young people as not just the ministers of tomorrow but also the ministers of today.

What I do is, I am all about teaching and preaching about the love and the supremacy of Jesus, whether it’s sharing the Gospel with lost people or working with discipleship, it’s always about – ‘How are we making Jesus the main thing of our life?’ Are we willing to just receive His Grace and recognize it when we’re not doing that and just change, or the Biblical word, just repent?

I do this a lot in discipleship, whether it’s from the stage or one on one. A lot of times it’s one on one with people. I lead worship so I do a lot of worship and prayer with people and help organize meetings like that. The project I work on is just to help people get the Bible for the first time.”

End Bible Poverty Now

The project End Bible Poverty Now, he said, is increasing global access to the Bible. “We’ve distributed almost 3 million Bibles in 109 languages, in 64 countries, with 25 ministry partners. We have 323 teams. There is still 12,055 (probably a little less now, because these stats are a bit old) that need a Bible; The Bible doesn’t exist in their language. Then, there are people who the Bible exists in their language but no one has ever just given it to them,” he said. “Maybe missionaries spent 40 years translating it and they printed 1,000 copies but the people group is 100,000 people.

End Bible Poverty Now became a thing because Loren Cunningham realized, in Matthew 28 it says, ‘We need to make disciples of all nations.’ And, he also realized all nations doesn’t just mean the 200 countries, it means every people group. He asked the question, ‘How are we going to make disciples of all people groups when the Bible doesn’t even exist in their heart language?’ So he was just convinced that if we really want to see global evangelization, if we really want to see every person have an opportunity to know Jesus, then they need to have the Bible in their own language.

It’s really just all about accomplishing the great commission of believing that as we do evangelism and incorporate the Bible in peoples’ heart languages, that Matthew 28:18-19 will actually be accelerated.”

An organization did a poll involving 80,000 Americans ages 8-80 and found that if someone read the Bible 3 or less times per week, they couldn’t find much difference between their lives and the lives of a nonbeliever, he said. However, they found that if somebody would engage with God in the Word 4 times or more per week, that they were 228 percent more likely to share their faith, 407 percent more likely to memorize Scripture, 59 percent less likely to view pornography and 30 percent less likely to struggle with loneliness.

“In a study that’s shared by Renew World Outreach,” he added, “an organization that creates technology to give Bibles to people, there was a study done in India where they would present The Jesus Film, that was released in 1979 and has had a huge impact on evangelism. (The Jesus Film is the Book of Luke made into a movie.)

If there were 1,000 people watching the movie, about 10 percent of them would give their life to the Lord. However, if they didn’t give them a Bible, after a year only 2 percent of those people would still consider themselves Christians.”


YWAM partnered with a company and created micro SD cards that can be put into your phone, and in 4 languages. “We put The Jesus Film on it, audio Bible, and a digital text of the New Testament,” he said. “They gave it to their pastors because this was a church planned movement in Mozambique. People just started listening to them all of the time.

There was a story of a guy in Mozambique who had walked into somebody’s house listening to the Bible and then the whole family came to the Lord just because he brought the Bible into their house. So you never know the impact that the Bible is going to have.”


“There’s a province called Humla that we distributed Bibles in,” he said. “We worked with 40 different churches and passed out 50,000 micro SD cards and hard copy Bibles and wound up starting 2 new churches through that process. There was a 16-year-old girl that was impacted and she’s written over 100 worship songs. They are played on the radio, just because people go out and share the Gospel and take the Bible with them. You never know how faith is going to stick with people.

In 2018, Loren Cunningham, was afraid that Mongolia was shifting more toward Communism so he said we needed to get the Gospel out and get Bibles out in Mongolia before it gets locked down and it becomes way harder. There were some key people that got involved in this project and they got all of YWAM that’s operating there in Mongolia on the same page.

People started coming to the Lord. People were getting saved and getting miraculously healed of things so much so that eventually the Mongolian church asked to participate. They started running it and took over. They have a website and have been hosting dozens of teams for about 5 years now. They’re trying to go to every house in Mongolia. They have GPS software to track where they’ve been, and they have over a million accesses to the Bible on their app.

It’s morphed into a church planning movement. There have been so many people that have been saved over the last four or five years that they’re realizing these people need to be in churches and how do we do that? And so they’re starting to do a Discipleship Making Movement – teaching people how to have simple church in their houses.”

Last year, Marc traveled to Japan to promote the idea of Bible distribution and evangelism with the YWAM locations and some ministries there. “While I was there,” he said, “YWAM Okinawa decided they wanted to go to every house on the island with a New Testament in the summer. That’s about 6,000 homes.

When it comes to Bibles, it can be sticky because different people hold copyrights and there are printing costs but the Gideons have kind of hammered some of that out when it comes to New Testaments so we might be able to partner with them and buy New Testaments for like $1.50 a copy, which would be amazing if this works out so you can pray towards that end.

The end goal is for Japanese people to be sharing the Gospel with Japanese people – for the church in Japan and YWAM in Japan to be as powerful as possible. Japan is about 99 percent non-Christian. There are different stats on that. Even though it’s legal to share the Gospel, it’s a country that has been resistant to the Gospel. Japan has the saying, ‘The nail that sticks up gets hammered down’, meaning that if you’re different then all of society sees it as their job to make you the same again.

Japanese people are afraid to become Christian because of the rejection they’re going to experience, and Japanese Christians are afraid to share their faith for the same reasons. It’s not uncommon for a Japanese person if they do become Christian to get excommunicated from their families or to get bullied at work because all of society is trying to make you come back into what they think is ‘normal’.

There is a team that I helped get connected with teams in Okinawa and they were just there in January. If you go to Japan and you see one person come to the Lord in the span of 2 years, that’s a big deal. They got to see 4 Okinawans come to the Lord, which is amazing. A team got to see another 4 come to the Lord as well, so God is on the move. These are just kind of some first fruits.

The big reason I’m sharing all this is we’re looking for a partnership. I feel called to missions and specifically with creating partnerships with organizations and creating housing for teams, hosting teams and making Japanese Christians as powerful as possible. I’m looking for people that the Spirit is moving and nudging. We’ll pray for you, we’ll advocate for you. As the Lord leads us, we’ll partner with you in finances.

You can pray that God leads me, and you can pray for God’s partners, that we can act with the right churches and with the right other ministries, people who want to work together and that the Lord would give us all of the divine connections we need, including the future church leaders of Japan. I’m believing in God for enough provision. That’s just how ministry works. Those of us in ministry trust the Lord to provide.”


If you feel called to volunteer or donate, please visit the YWAM website to find out how at: Text Marc Frugè at (615) 974-8637 with you name and email to stay updated.

By Jennifer Wimmer

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