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High speed internet beginning to hook up homes in Hancock

The roll-out of fiber high-speed internet is well underway in Hancock County. Kenergy announced the partnership with internet service provider Conexon Connect about a year and a half ago, and Ervin Cable Company, contracted by Conexon, began installing fiber in early October on Hwy 69 in the southern areas of the county.

Judge-Executive Johnny “Chic” Roberts said, “We finally have some folks here in Hancock County that are connected to the new Conexon service. They like the service and said they’re really excited about having it. For us, it’s more than a quality of life issue, when you consider aspects such as telehealth, virtual learning, and for working from home it is a necessity. Our goal here has always been to do what we can to get broadband service to everyone in Hancock County, and I honestly think that’s going to happen with this project.

We are so thankful. The people that are receiving the service now didn’t have service before or had a reduced service. We’re hearing that this service is so much faster, and they’re able to do different programs. There were parts of their life that they didn’t have the internet speed they needed, whether for work or just being a consumer so this has helped them to obtain some of the things they’ve needed and we’re excited about it.”

Local veteran L.T. Newton said about the rollout in the south part of the county where he lives, “I’ve seen people out here working all the time. They put mine in on November 11th, I believe it was. There are several steps to it: they run the cable, then they run the line, they put boxes up on the electric poles and then they go to the houses and put boxes up on the poles there. They come back and run that from the box over to the house. Then, they come back and run it inside the house.” He added that they also hooked it up to his computer for him and showed him how to use it. “There’s nothing to it,” he said, “but yes they showed me how to use it.”

L.T. said he payed $54.95 for the high-speed internet package he chose. He previously had AT&T as his internet provider with a modem, before the fiber internet was available. “It wasn’t too awful bad but it was very slow at times and it would kick off quite a bit,” he said, adding that the new high-speed internet is “great” and “fast”.

Sign-up on Website
All Kenergy members are encouraged to go to the website:, and select Kenergy as your electric co-op. Type in your name and address, and you will receive an estimated time of connection. Next, check the box with the services you think you’ll be interested in. There is no commitment to stick with the package you choose.

Get Help at Library or Sign-up by Phone
If you don’t have internet, the Hancock County Libraries’ crew will be happy to help you sign-up online. You can also call Conexon at 844-542-6663 to sign-up, and customer service representatives can answer any questions you have.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) offers a discount on broadband services to qualifying households. Check to see if you’re eligible by filling out an enrollment application on the Conexon Connect website (, or call Conexon Connect Customer Care at: 844-542-6663.

Stay Updated
Updates are posted on the Kenergy social media channel. Follow the Connect Powered by Kenergy Facebook Page for updates.

Scroll to the bottom of the homepage on Kenergy’s website,, and there is an orange banner that reads: ‘Learn More and Check Availability’.

Click on the banner and all of the Conexon information is there. Kenergy members also receive updates in newsletters that arrive with their monthly bill.

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