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Blue Vervain

Healthy Habits; Blue Vervain

Verbena hastata, or blue vervain, is a flowering, perennial plant that grows, primarily, in moist areas, hence one of its common names – swamp verbena. It is a beautiful, colorful plant to grow in your garden, and attracts pollinators. The blue/purple flowering tops bloom for 6 weeks in mid to late summer, and are cultivated and used as a nervine, or relaxing tonic. The leaves and roots have medicinal properties as well.

Always do your research and/or check with your health care provider before trying blue vervain. It should not be taken in large doses, or for long periods of time. Herb Era Brand makes a great alcohol-free tincture. Whether you try it in tincture or capsule form, or are making your own, stick to the recommended dosage for your height and weight. Make sure there are no counter-indications if you are taking pharmaceutical medicines.

Here are some of the many possible health benefits of taking blue vervain:

  • helps treat stress & anxiety
  • promotes healthy digestion
  • alleviates acid indigestion & heartburn
  • helps with removing congestion from throat & chest (natural expectorant)
  • removes intestinal worms
  • soothes arthritis symptoms (anti-inflammatory)
  • diffuses esophageal spasms
  • promotes central nervous system health
  • helps with treating prostate
  • immune system protective
  • flushes out toxins
  • mild diuretic
  • helps with lymphatic stagnations
  • helps relieve menstruation cramps
  • soothes depression (stimulates release of dopamine & serotonin)
  • kidney & liver protective
  • helps cure bladder infections
  • relieves muscular/skeletal tension and holding patterns, especially in the neck and upper back


Blue vervain is also available in flower essence therapy remedies, which work on a much more subtle level than tinctures and capsules. Flower essences are counteracted by tobacco, alcohol and coffee, so if you are regularly partaking in any of those, it is more effective to use the tincture or capsule instead.

Be Well and God Bless You,

Jennifer Wimmer

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