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Bids Approved for New Track & Football Field at HCMS/HCHS

At the Hancock County Board of Education Meeting on Tuesday evening, February 21st, Jeanie Cannon from RBS Design Group Architecture in Owensboro presented the bid tabulation for the 2 bids that were turned in for the construction of a new artificial turf football field and new rubberized track on the HCMS/HCHS campus.

The approximate budget for the entire project was $2,300,000 to $2,500,000. There were 4 plans holders, 2 of which turned in bids – Danco Construction in Evansville and local GN Excavating.

Danco’s total base bid was $1,555,000 and GN’s was $1,297,574. The board approved GN’s low bid, with the addition of The Motz Group (track & turf field company) bid at $751,775.

Gary Nugent of GN will be the General Contractor for both projects. The total amount approved for the new track and field was $2,316,000, which includes construction and all associated costs, such as architect’s fees and special inspections for testing the dirt and concrete.

Superintendent Robby Asberry said, “I think it’s going to be a nice facility that is first class for our school system and for our community. We’re also looking to upgrade other things around the stadium. It’s not just going to be a new turf field. We’re looking at improving the aesthetics of the concession stand, the restrooms and everything.”

New Football Field

The football field will be entirely redone and the synthetic turf is manufactured by The Motz Group that has done many division 1 stadiums. It comes with a machine for regular maintenance and in the bid, as part of the contract, Motz will come once a year and test to see how much cushion it has, clean it and run it through their system to keep it in top shape.

The New Track

The old track will be completely dug up, down to the soil, and built back up to create an excellent sub-base. Then it will be re-paved and rubberized. It will be black and have eight regulation lanes with white and yellow striping.

“The new track is going to have lots more cushion for everyone to run on,” Asberry said, “and will cut down on shin splints and other injuries. It will be 8 full lanes to where you could have a regular meet or tournaments. It’s going to be nice. We will also be expanding the bleachers.”

GN will do the sub-grading and demolition for the track and field, then The Motz Group will apply the field turf and rubberized track. “We’re going to demo the existing track and the existing football field,” Gary said. “We’ll demo what’s there and the sub-grade and then put in new drainage and new sub-grade, compact that and have it ready for the turf company to put the turf on the football field and rubberized part on the track.”

By Jennifer Wimmer

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