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Hancock County General Election Results; McCormick defeats King in mayoral race

Hancock County 2022 General Election Results

The new Mayor of the City of Hawesville in 2023 will be Robert “Robbie” McCormick. The current Hawesville Mayor Charles M. King who has served for many years was challenged by city councilman McCormick and it was a very close race. McCormick won by 6 votes – King received 191 and McCormick received 197.

The District 1 (East & West Lewisport) Magistrate seat vacated by Wayne Hodskins, was open. Roy A. White (R) and John Garner (D) both ran, and retired Lewisport Police Chief John Garner won by 24 votes.

The two running for Constable in Magisterial District 2 (Chamber, Utility and Yellow Creek) were Michael Carlson (R) and Josh Estes (D). Estes won by 32 votes.

Board of Education

There were two new Hancock County Board of Education candidates who were elected. For District 1 (West & East Hawesville) – Raphael Wheatley (incumbent) was challenged by Vanessa Cox for that seat and Cox won by 181 votes. For District 3 (Chambers, Pellville, Part of Boling Chapel, East Lewisport, Indian Creek & Utility) – Savannah Pryor and Brooke Payne both ran for the seat to serve that was held by long-time board member Allen Kennedy who retired, and Payne won by 34 votes.

Hawesville & Lewisport City Councils

Hawesville City Council incumbents re-elected were: Wayne Herndon, Tracy Johnson, Pat “Junnie” Morris, Kevin Linn and Danny Doyle, plus Write-in: Justin Basham. Lewisport City Council incumbents re-elected were: Josh Roberts, Marsha Johnson, Mary Margaret Hawkins and Kelly Vanover, plus new candidate Josephine “Josie” Hagan.



On the Nonpartisan Judicial Ballot, one for each division was voted on and those results are as follows: District Judge, 38th Judicial District, Division 2: Daniel Boling; District Judge, 38th Judicial District, Division 1: Write-in Greg Vincent; Justice of the Supreme Court, District 2: Kelly Thompson, Jr. won with 1,341 votes against Shawn Marie Alcott; Judge of the Court of Appeals, Appellate District 2, Division 2: Jeff S. Taylor won with 1,328 votes against David J. Clement; Judge of the Court of Appeals, Appellate District 2, Division 2: Kelly Mark Easton; Circuit Judge, 38th Judicial Circuit, Division 1: Timothy R. Coleman; and Circuit Judge, Family Court, 38th Judicial District, Division 1: Benjamin D. McKown.


There were 2 proposals on the ballot to vote yes or no on: Constitutional Amendment #1 and Constitutional Amendment #2. There were 1,409 Hancock County citizens who voted yes for Amendment #1 and 1,326 who voted no. There were 1,766 Hancock County citizens who voted yes for Amendment #2 and 1,340 who voted no. However, Kentucky voters (cumulatively) have voted against both amendments – 53.7% of Kentuckians reportedly voted no to the very controversial Amendment #2 and 46.3% voted yes.


Office Holders without Opposition

County Office holders without opposition were: Property Valuation Administrator, Karen M. Robertson (R); County Judge/Executive, Johnny “Chic” Roberts (R); County Attorney, Paul L. Madden (D); County Clerk, Trina Ogle (D); Sheriff, Dale Bozarth (D); Jailer, Roger Estes (D); Coroner, D.A. Gibson (R); County Surveyor, Write-in; Constable, District 1 (East & West Lewisport), Jack Jones (D); Magistrate, District 2 (Chambers, Utility and Yellow Creek), Kasey Emmick (D); Magistrate, District 3 (East & West Hawesville), John Mark Gray (R); Constable, District 3, Brandon Bozarth; Magistrate, District 4 (Boling Chapel, Indian Creek and Pellville), Gary Baker (R); and Constable, District 4, W. Lloyd Basham (D).

State of KY

For the State of Kentucky: Brett Guthrie (R) was re-elected to the U.S. House to represent KY’s Second Congressional District and United States Senator Rand Paul (R) was re-elected for a third term. (2,323 Hancock County voters voted for Guthrie and 923 voted for his challenger Hank Linderman. 2,223 in HC voted for Paul and 1,034 voted for his challenger Charles Booker.)

By Jennifer Wimmer

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