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Daniel Boling; new Hancock County District Court Judge

Daniel Boling, attorney with Madden & Madden Attorneys at Law in Hawesville and Assistant County Attorney for 4 years now, will be the new Hancock County District Court Judge starting in January 2023 and replacing Judge John McCarty, who is retiring from the position after 20 years.

It is possible that Boling will be one of the youngest District Court Judges when he starts his new position in 2023. “I would like to thank the voters for entrusting me with the responsibility,” he said. “Also, I would like to thank my fellow members of the bar association. I am running unopposed. Any other lawyer in the district could have ran against me and no one chose to do that. I’m very appreciative of them entrusting me with the responsibility of being the District Court Judge.”

His race is nonpartisan and he says he tries very hard to stay away from partisan politics. “It’s a nonpartisan race and I take that very seriously. It doesn’t matter what political party you are, if you come in front of my bench you’ll be treated the same. The law is the law.”

Boling’s private practice with Madden & Madden in the last 4 years as Hancock County Assistant County Attorney has involved such tasks as: civil litigations, divorces and custody situations. “For the most part it’s a catch-all, small town practice where we have done a little bit of everything,” he said

His last official day at Madden & Madden will be around December 30, 2022. “I’ve wound down my practice quite a bit knowing that I was going to be doing this. The legal process takes so long that I haven’t been taking cases for awhile just because I wouldn’t be able to see them through,” he said. As District Court Judge, he will no longer be able to legally do any outside practice once he starts the full-time position at the start of the new year.

Boling said he has learned a lot from Paul Madden, Jr. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with him for 4 years now. He’s an excellent prosecutor and always tries to help people better their lives. He has definitely taught me a lot about the law.”

His training for the new position will include New Judges Training in December as well as a yearly Judge’s College – to be updated on the law and any changes. The classes are held in different conference centers around the state.

As the District Court Judge of the thirty-eighth judicial district, which covers Hancock, Ohio, Butler and Edmonson Counties, his new office will be at the Hancock County Judicial Center as well as at the Ohio County Courthouse.

“Judge John McCarty has been the District Court Judge for 20 years and before that I’m sure he practiced for 20 years, so he has a great deal of experience – those are big shoes to fill,” Boling said. “He’s well-liked in all of the counties and does a good job as a judge. It’s definitely going to be difficult to replace him and I’m going to do my best. I know that he is available to me if I need advice. He’s one of the best judges I’ve ever been in court with. He is really good with the public.”

Boling explained what inspired him to choose this career path: “My dad was a juvenile probation officer, so growing up I heard a lot about the court system and that probably sparked my interest. In eighth grade I shadowed Judge Renona Browning (Division 1, 38th District Court Judge at that time). That’s probably when I first got an interest that I might want to be a judge. My dad (Michael Boling, current Circuit Court Clerk and KCCCA Second Supreme Court Representative) was in her court a lot and they became friends, so he asked her if I could shadow her. I knew that if I went to law school that I would want to be a judge someday and that’s definitely coming sooner than I expected.”

Daniel was born and raised in Hancock County and grew up in Boling Chapel. He is a 2009 graduate of Hancock County High School. He graduated from University of Louisville in 2013 and graduated from U of L Brandeis School of Law in 2017. He passed the bar exam on his first try in summer of 2017 and started practicing in November of that year at Vowels Law Firm in Henderson, primarily handling Federal Black Lung claims representing miners.

He and his wife, Chelsea, are high school sweethearts and married on July 11, 2015. They are blessed with a son and a daughter: Easton & Dani. Chelsea works at Aetna Health in Owensboro and also runs their family business – Hello Pop. They’ve lived in Hawesville for over 3 years now.

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