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Hancock teachers honored; Williams Teacher of the Year finalist

At the Hancock County Board of Education meeting on Thursday evening, August 25, two very special ladies were recognized, as well as the stellar Hancock County High School Administration for their completion of the National Institute for School Leadership (NISL) Program.
Laura Kessans, Family Resource Youth Service Coordinator at HCHS and HCMS, and Charlena Williams, Special Education Teacher at HCMS, were both honored.
Kessans was recognized for being named 2022 Citizen of the Year by the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce.
“I just wanted her to know, on behalf of the Board, how blessed we are to have her in our school system,” Superintendent Robby Asberry said.
“You have a true heart for students and you make a big difference for our high school and middle school students, and for all students.
We’re blessed to have her.”

Teacher of the Year Finalist

Charlena Williams was recognized and invited up front to speak by Superintendent Asberry. “We’re also honored to have in our school system, a Kentucky Teacher of the Year finalist. Thank you for everything you do for our students.”

Williams shared these words, “I just want to say that I work for a great group of people. The leadership and the principals here are number 1 in my book. Everyone makes each other look good. So, I receive this on behalf of everyone in Hancock County, because we can’t do it alone.

I looked out and saw all these little children in the audience here and I thought, ‘Boy, the future looks great.’ So, thank you.”

HCHS Administration was recognized for successfully completing the NISL Program.

They shared information with the Board about the program and how much it meant to them.
They had to apply for it and go once a month every month for a year to Lexington for training at the National Institute for School Leadership – a state run program.

They said that it was a valuable experience, and that they feel blessed that the school board and leadership gives them the opportunity to grow and helps them to improve so that they are able to better educate all of the children in the County.

Superintendent Asberry closed the meeting with these positive remarks: “It’s been a great start of the year. I’m really excited about this year.
I think that last year we did a lot and put in a lot of instructional programs and I think that this year we’re going to reap the benefits of a lot of the things that we laid the foundation for last year. I’m super excited about this year.”

By Jennifer Wimmer

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