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Hancock County Schools opening; expecting over 1500 students

The new school year will begin for students in Hancock County on Wednesday, August 10.   All of the Hancock County Schools’ teachers have been training and preparing for many hours to ensure a successful start.  “Mostly, we hope to increase transition accountability,” Hancock County High School Principal, Ginger Estes, said of her goal for this year. “We want to get as many students certified or college-ready as possible.
We are very excited to start the new school year. Also, we value that relationship between us and the parents, you know, we really need that. So, we’re excited about developing more of that.”

When asked about how many students will be attending HCHS this year, Principal Estes said, “We stay around 500. Sometimes it’s 512, sometimes it’s 498. We’re right around the 500 mark.”
Nick Boling, Director of Student Services at Hancock County Schools, said that the approximate attendance at each of the other three schools (K-12) is as follows: 375 students at Hancock County Middle School, 465 students at North Hancock Elementary School, and 225 at South Hancock Elementary School.

In addition, the expected attendance at South Hancock Preschool is approximately 20 students, and at North Hancock Preschool, approximately 60 students.
Superintendent Robby Asberry’s message on the Hancock County Schools website: “The Hancock County community supports our school district and maintains high expectations for the education of our children. Our focus this year will be on student learning and achievement, and all decisions will be made with that focus in mind. Our school district will be committed to high expectations and continuous improvement. Working with the children in Hancock County is a privilege and honor.
During this school year, I would like to ask everyone to join me in challenging ourselves to give every child the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to be successful!
I am excited about what is to come in our school district, and I hope you are as well. I look forward to continuing our relentless pursuit toward greatness!”
If you have any inquiries or would like to discuss opportunities for your students’ successes, contact Superintendent Asberry at:

By Jennifer Wimmer



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