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Snyder will assume Chamber director role June 1

Tina Snyder

Tina Snyder will fill the role of director of the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce on June 1. Snyder has been the Hancock County Public Libraries Director for the past 19 years, and will continue in those duties, as well.

The director’s position – which is part-time – has been vacant for several months. The Chamber is comprised of local industry, business and individual members, with a mission of promoting the local business community and organizing community events to promote the county’s strengths.

“I discussed the potential new opportunity with my husband (Mike) and the Library Board. Both were supportive,” Snyder said. Snyder will fulfill the bulk of her Chamber duties after her library duties have ended each evening and on weekends, she said.

Snyder has been working in a limited role in recent weeks as the Chamber organizes its annual dinner, which is scheduled for June 13 at the Family Life Center of Hawesville United Methodist Church.

“I have a strong interest in seeing Hancock County continuing to move forward,” she said. “There have been specific things I have worked on with the judge/executive’s support and community support which gave me a renewed excitement in seeing an idea come to fruition. There were a lot of partners involved in those projects, and being a part of something bigger helped me realize ‘This is your purpose.’”

Chamber Board President Shanna Nugent said Snyder is a great fit for the role due to her longtime involvement with organizations and groups in the county, and her work on county projects.

“I think Tina is going to be great,” Nugent said. “She’s involved and knows the county well. With the web site coming online soon, she knows what went into building it out. She will be a great asset to making that site a valuable tool for promoting the county.”

Nugent will be leaving her role as president after the annual dinner, but said she is willing to continue serving in some capacity if elected by membership.

Snyder was a driving force in the committee which helped to develop the “Hancock is Home” branding logo which is already being widely used in marketing efforts, as well helping to develop a companion web site to highlight the county’s strengths, business and industrial environment, and its natural beauty.

“The web site will be revealed publicly at the Annual Dinner, and I believe it is going to a valuable and popular tool for our community,” Snyder said.

To use the old adage, Snyder is going to have her work cut out for her. The Board will have two members rotate off the governing body this summer, and will likely have another member leave, creating three vacancies.

“We will be looking to recruit not only Board members, but also new members of the Chamber,” she said. “There are members of the Chamber who do not attend our monthly breakfast meetings, so I will be reaching out to them to encourage them to come in. It doesn’t have to be every month, but maybe three or four times a year. I also want to work with our members to see what the Chamber can do to better serve them.”

Snyder said any organization succeeds with effective communication, so she will be putting attention toward improving social media presence, email bulletins, and making those personal phone calls and location visits important to spreading the word about Hancock County.

“A great team can do massive, good things,” Snyder said. “It is exciting to have an opportunity to help move the community forward. There are good ideas out there, but it takes a team effort to realize potential.”

Snyder and husband Mike reside between Hawesville and Lewisport. They have one son, and Snyder proudly has three “bonus” children, and four “bonus” grandchildren.

“I am a lifelong resident of Hancock County, and I am proud to tell anyone I meet about this community,” she said. “People are talking about our county, and we are getting the good news out there about what a great place this is to be.”

By C. Josh Givens

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