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Getting to know you; Emma Wilson

At only nineteen-years-old, Emma Wilson is already running a successful baking business from her home in Lewisport. She launched EMazing Cupcakes & Treats in March of 2020, and graduated from Hancock County High School that year as well.
Emma’s parents are: Sara & Todd Roberts and Chadd & Layla Wilson. She has three siblings: Paige, Maggie and Leland.

She grew up baking with both of her parents and grandparents. They had many different foods they enjoyed making together. Her favorite, was “Monster Cookie Sandwiches,” that she made with her mom’s mom, Lisa McCoy. “I always baked them with my ‘Greemaw’, when I was little. She always baked them when we would come over, or we’d bake them together. So, it was one thing I wanted to try and re-create when I started baking. Everyone loves them and my grandmother still loves them too,” she said.

She found a way to re-create the childhood favorite, and also come up with her own unique recipe for it. “I wanted to do my own thing. I wanted to have my own recipe, with my name on it.” Her signature adaptation of Monster Cookie Sandwiches, includes: peanut butter oatmeal cookies, with mini-chocolate chips and mini-M&M’s, and a cream cheese butter cream between the two cookies.

In 2019, Emma had created Valentine’s Day Boxes, filled with her delicious baked goods and treats, such as chocolate-covered strawberries, to raise money for a mission trip to Honduras, with her church, Lewisport Baptist.  The trip had to be cancelled, but she received such a great response, that it inspired her to start her baking business. She applied, paid the fees, and received her Home-Based Processing License.

Emma was a Daycare Teacher at Lewisport Baptist Church for three years. In September, she decided to quit and bake full-time. After five months, she missed working with children, and decided to accept a Nanny position for a family in Lewisport. Monday through Thursday, she loves being a Nanny for two children. She bakes in the evenings, and Friday through Sunday.

Her many delicious wares include: cupcakes, jumbo cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, cookie sandwiches, wedding cakes, cakes, muffins, sweet rolls, and cinnamon rolls. Her personal favorites to bake are cinnamon rolls and muffins. Her favorites to eat, she says, are banana muffins and the Monster Cookie Sandwiches. She and her boyfriend, Logan Mingus, both love the Snicker Doodle Cookies she makes, as well.

“My family, friends, and my boyfriend are so supportive. They are amazing. It makes a huge difference. My dad’s mom and dad, Shelia & Larry Wilson, are so supportive. Anytime I set up anywhere, my Mamaw is always the first one there to buy from me,” Emma said.

She just recently set up a booth for the first time, at last Tuesday’s Tell City vs Hancock game, at HCHS and sold almost everything she brought. She said she loves doing pop-up events. She also set up at Christmas in the Park and the Lewisport Heritage Festival. “I really do enjoy doing things like that, because I get to interact with a whole new level of people,” she said. When she does pop-ups, people get to come and talk to her, see what she is offering, and she gets to talk to them. “I really enjoy getting to see my customers and put a face to who supports me.”

Customers send her an “inspiration picture” sometimes, of what they would like her to make. She said she tries to re-create what they send her, with her own spin on it. “I don’t want to copy someone else’s work exactly how they did it.”  She has new requests coming in all the time. One of her favorite baking challenges was when a customer requested cupcakes and a small cake for their wedding, and wanted her to re-create an Oatmeal Cream Pie and turn it into a cupcake. “That is probably my favorite request that I’ve ever received from a customer, and the one I’m most proud of.”

She started baking wedding cakes and cupcakes with her mom’s wedding, last May.  So far, she’s done 4 weddings, and she has 4 booked for this year. She has several openings and is still accepting orders.

Her Valentine’s Day Treat Boxes have been a big hit. This year, she is collaborating with Hello Pop.

February 4th is the deadline to order. All of the information for upcoming events and pre-orders are on her FB page – you can check the page each day to keep updated.

She really appreciates the feedback she gets from her customers. “One of my big goals is trying to keep my customers involved in what I’m doing, and letting them know what’s going on. I really want to be able to communicate with all of my customers, like they’re friends and family. I like to have all of their input on anything that I do.”

The most challenging part, she said, is balancing the orders and knowing when she’s hit her limit for the weekend. She books orders 1 to 2 months in advance of the date, and takes 5 or 6 custom orders for each weekend. “It’s really hard for me to turn people away, because I’m so grateful for everyone that reaches out to me, asking me to be a part of their special day. I always try and tell all of my customers to book with me super early, to make sure that I can create whatever they want.”

She has regular customers, and tries to keep a pre-order going for them. Her aim is to offer one every other week. “It can be anything. One week, I may make tons of cinnamon rolls and sweet rolls, or jumbo cupcakes available, for pre-order.” People call or message her to order, she makes them all for a certain day, and meets them at a pick-up spot in Lewisport.

“There are several people who have been with me from the beginning. They always come to me for birthdays, events, milestones, and also order from every pre-order that I have open. I’m very blessed with some great customers. I’m very thankful for them,” Emma said. She has customers in Hancock County, as well as Owensboro, and Tell City.

Many of her orders come through her Facebook page, and some people reach out to her through family members. “I am grateful for all of my customers. However they want to get in touch with me, is great with me,” Emma said. Her Facebook page is:  The phone number is: 270-922-0476.  She takes photos of her mouthwatering creations and posts them. Tap on ‘photos’ and have a look!


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  1. Amanda Wilson on January 26, 2022 at 4:15 pm

    It’s so exciting to see Emma getting public recognition for your yummy and successful cake business at such a young age!!!

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