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Brown receives donations from kind-hearted


Life for Erica Brown and husband Matthew Brown is getting a bit better these days following ongoing compassion and generosity from the community.

Brown, who was paralyzed in a car crash on Highway 60 in March, now has an electric wheelchair and an electric lift recliner.

“I am becoming more independent daily,” Erica said Monday. “I am so grateful to the Clarion, and all those people who have reached out.”

Erica said the wheelchair was purchased by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The donor came to her Cloverport home, and the pair browsed options online.

“Together, we decided what was best for me,” she said. “She was so nice. I am still searching for accessories.”

The chair has allowed Erica the mobility she needs to attend to her needs throughout the day, as well as venturing outside whenever she wants. The donation of the brand-new chair was just less than $3,000.

Another donor, Sue Hill of Lewisport, gifted the couple a brand-new electric lift recliner, as well as bringing along another used lift recliner for Matt to use.

“The recliner is really nice,” Erica said. “It’s soft and comfy, and has vibration and heat. The vibration helps my legs and promotes circulation so I will not develop blood clots. It also vibrates and puts heat on my back, which feels so good. The power lift makes it easier for Matt to get me back in my wheelchair.”

Erica is also excited that the chair has USB ports for charging electronic devices, as well as two cup holders. The gift of the lift chair is saving the couple $120 monthly, which was the cost for a rental chair.

“That’s money we can now use for gas, groceries and buying the health care supplies I need,” Erica said.

Erica said she is getting to the point where once she gets help in the mornings to get ready for her day, she is finding independence again. “Once I get mobile, Matthew can get back to work,” she said.

The couple would like for Matthew to start back to work in a part-time job at first, hopefully something where he can be outside, work with his hands, and work somewhat on his own. His background is in farming and fulfillment center packaging.

“It would also give us some time away from each other because we are around one another all the time,” Erica said, followed by a laugh.

Her transportation needs to and from her doctor’s appointments are now taken care of, thanks to a program through Owensboro Health. The couple has plans to find a minivan on their own, ultimately buying the lifting equipment to modify the vehicle.

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If you want to assist the couple, mailing information is: Erica Brown, 102 E. Houston Street, Apt. 309, Cloverport, Ky., 40111.


By C. Josh Givens

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  1. Ann Brown on November 18, 2021 at 9:34 am

    I am so grateful to all those who have reached out to my son and daughter in law. We are so blessed! Thank you!

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