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Geting to Know You; Jimmy Logsdon retires from Hancock County Judicial Center

Jimmy Logsdon recently retired from the Hancock County Judicial Center. He was a Security Guard for ten years, at the Sheriff’s Department.

“Sheriff Dale Bozarth is a super guy. I made a lot of friends there and I will still visit,” he said.
 Logsdon was in the Navy Reserves, and was Active Duty for 2 years. He was also with the Lewisport Fire Department for 46 years. He encourages younger generations to volunteer some of their time to the fire department.
 “I wish more young people would get involved. It’s a necessary thing to have. It’s a lot of training to go through, but the older people are getting out of it,” he said.

Logsdon was in the first class to graduate from Hancock County High School in 1962, in the building that it now the Hancock County Middle School. He grew up in Lewisport with his parents John and the late Catherine Logsdon.

His mother’s parents, Jake and Jennie-Jo Sipes, had a large farm when he was growing up. He spent a lot of time there after school and on weekends. The farm was 75-100 acres. They grew corn and had a few cows and horses.
  Logsdon’s dad taught him how to use a shotgun.
  In his early teens he hunted squirrels and rabbits on the farm.

Karen, Jimmy’s sister, and her husband Mitchell Keenan, now live in the family farm house that was built in the late 1800’s. Jimmy and his wife Betty, live next door and Jimmy’s brother, Charlie and his wife, Claudette, also live nearby on the family property.

Logsdon was an Install Repairman for TDS Telecom in Lewisport, for 35 years, before he took the job as Security Guard and has since retired. His wife, Betty is now retired from the Laundry Mat in Lewisport.
   Betty and Jimmy were married on August 5th,1967. They just recently celebrated their 54th Wedding Anniversary.
  Two of Logsdon’s hobbies are woodworking and hunting. He has a woodworking shop next to his house where he makes benches, walking canes and bread boards, to name a few. He hunts deer with his 243 rifle and sometimes makes a nice wooden mount to display the antlers.

“I’m satisfied here,” said Logsdon. He and Betty enjoy being home. She likes to cook and he grills out from time to time.
   They have two children, John and Vickie.  John works at Commonwealth Rolled Products and lives in Owensboro. Vickie is manager at a retail store in Sacramento, California.

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