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Hancock Schools tops region in K-PREP scoring


Hancock County High School Principal Ginger Estes accepted recognition from Superintendent Robby Asberry for the school achieving No. 1 in the region with a score of 39.5 in math and 37.1 in science.

Hancock County Schools is among the top schools in the region in results from the 2020-2021 K-PREP testing, now known as Kentucky Summative Assessment (KSA).

Hancock County Schools was tops in the region for the percentage of students scoring proficient and distinguished on the assessment in several areas.
Local schools were first in the region in high school math (39.5 percent), high school science (37.1 percent), middle school reading (49.6), and elementary school writing (59.5 percent).

Superintendent Robby Asberry said the scores demonstrated the perseverance of students and staff during a school year disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
“It was a difficult year in education for everyone,” Asberry said. “Our district battled through the adversity. While we are not where we want to be, I believe we are on the right track.”

Kentucky Education Commissioner Jason E. Glass said there were great challenges facing Kentucky students for the past two years, but the information from assessments will be useful going forward.
“We knew these results would not be what we wanted to see, but the previous two school years saw extreme challenges,” said Glass. “We can use this information to address the gaps caused by COVID-19 disruptions and provide our students with the supports they need to be successful. This is one of a variety of tools our districts use on a regular basis to gauge where our students are.”

Asberry has placed a priority on the academic achievement of students in the district in his early tenure as superintendent. He was hired in June 2021 following a highly successful stretch as principal of Ohio County High School.
“We want to reach our students as individuals,” Asberry said. “If we look at their needs case-by-case, we are more likely to know where they’re headed and what they need to be successful.”

Asberry said each level of education in the county is implementing different strategies to address the needs of students, and assure success in each grade level they reach and success as they move into post-secondary education or a career.
“We have added several instructional assistants in our primary classrooms, and are seeing some great results from that,” he said. “Our kindergarten through second grade students were the most impacted by the pandemic; disruptions at that level make a difference. With the extra help, we are working our way past those challenges.”

In elementary and middle school grades, there is an increased focus on early intervention for students who may be struggling.

At the high school level, Asberry said the priority is to place more CERT tools – a college and career readiness program – into the classroom.
“We’re always going to be looking for tools to assure our students are college and career ready, and get those students on the right pathway for life after high school,” Asberry said. “One of my passions is graduating students who are prepared to succeed, whether they enter education after high school or go into a trade and a career.”  Some senior students are involved in internships with local industry and business as part of this effort.

Regional assessment scores in the areas where Hancock ranked first are:

High School Math
• Hancock – 39.5
• Ohio – 37.7
• Daviess – 34.9
• McLean – 32.7
• Meade – 29.7
• Owensboro – 28.2
• Grayson – 24.5
• Muhlenberg – 24.3
• Edmonson – 22.9
• Breckinridge – 21.7
• Cloverport – 18.5
• Butler – .5

High School Science
• Hancock – 37.1
• Breckinridge – 35.6
• Ohio – 32.7
• Edmonson – 28
• Muhlenberg – 25.6
• Grayson – 22.3
• McLean – 21.2
• Meade – 20.5
• Butler – 18.9
• Daviess – 18.5
• Owensboro – 17.1
• Cloverport – .5

Middle School Reading
• Hancock – 49.6
• Breckingridge – 49.6
• Meade – 49.2
• Edmonson – 40.1
• Daviess – 43.9
• Muhlenberg – 41.3
• McLean – 42.1
• Edmonson – 40.1
• Cloverport – 39.5
• Grayson – 38
• Owensboro – 36.9
• Butler – 36.2

Elementary Writing
• Hancock – 59.5
• Grayson – 43.8
• Meade – 40.1
• McLean – 38.4
• Daviess – 36.3
• Muhlenberg – 34.4
• Breckinridge – 33.5
• Ohio – 23.4
• Owensboro – 20.6
• Butler – 19.4
• Cloverport – .5
• Edmonson – .5

By C. Josh Givens

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