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Comcast brings improved business service to Hawesville

Much-improved internet access for Hawesville businesses is on its way following system infrastructure improvements by Comcast, according to Sean Kelly, a Comcast Business executive.
Kelly and members of his staff outlined the ongoing project and business options Friday during a Hancock County Chamber of Commerce “Lunch and Learn” session at the Hancock County Business Career Center.

The business services offered by Comcast include several high-tech options, including those to provide a signal in the event of power outages and a service to protect connected devices from phishing and malware attacks.
“Three out of four businesses will be the target of attacks,” Kelly said. “These attacks not only put your data at risk, but can also affect your ability to serve your customers.”

“SecurityEdge” is a cloud-based security solution which will complement any security measures a business already has in place and requires no additional software downloads. The service is constantly updating and looking for new threats in real time, according to Comcast Business literature.

The services checks in 10-minute intervals on all connected devices.

The service will also provide real-time updates on blocked threat activity through a personalized dashboard and email reporting, as well as offering content and unwanted website blocking for system users.
The “Connection Pro” option provides an automatic 4G wireless internet backup, which utilizes the stronger of two designated redundant wireless networks. An eight-hour battery backup powers modems in the event of a power outage, and a 16-hour battery backup is optional.

The “WiFi Pro” service offered by Comcast Business has several customizable features for businesses, including the fastest WiFi speeds and signal coverage in the industry, as well as custom network names and splash pages to share real-time offers. Businesses can also connect network users directly to social network accounts, allocate bandwidth, receive access reporting and customer analytics.

Comcast Business is supported by technicians 24-7, 365 days a years, and Kelly said technicians will typically be on-site for service calls within four hours.
Kelly said the system looks to serve 75 to 80 businesses in Hawesville, offering up to a gigabyte of service. There is currently no timeline for servicing businesses in Lewisport.

Services throughout Xfinity – the Comcast residential division – are available in certain areas of Hawesville, though the presentation at the Chamber lunch was dedicated to Comcast Business.

For additional information on service availability, contact Jennifer Caile at (270) 206-2255 and by email at
For information on Xfinity services, visit

By C. Josh Givens

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