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Emmick’s tractor wins Most Unusual and Unique award

At the Lewisport Heritage Festival two weeks ago, an entry by Byron Emmick and son Kasey won the Most Unusual and Unique award at the tractor show. They entered a Christmas tree sprayer tractor built in the late 1940s.

“It is a 1948 Farmall A & C cross,” Byron said. “A guy built seven of these for the largest Christmas tree retailer in the United States in 1948 and 1949.”

These tractors were not custom-built by the company, but by a gentleman living in New York state near the Canadian border. He cobbled them together from several tractors to create the unique sprayers.
“Seven of them were built, and none of them were exactly alike,” Byron said. “Only three of them are left.”

Other winners in the tractor show include Mike Winchell’s D-10 series Allis Chalmers tractor taking the Best of Show. Roger Morris Ford Golden Jubilee tractor won the Judge’s Choice award.

The Heritage Festival also hosted a car show this year. First place went to a Darrell Taylor, but the make and model of his vehicle is unknown at press time. Butch Locke’s 1966 Mustang took second place, and Nick Simpson’s 1942 Chevrolet Special Deluxe placed third.

By Ralph Dickerson

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