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Help Gary Masters Receive Treatment to Reverse Stroke


Our family has created a gofundme fund raiser to raise funds for Gary Masters.

My Aunt Cyndie Stephens Masters and Uncle Gary live in Lewisport. In November of 2019, my uncle suffered from a stroke, and while he survived. It was left him with a multitude of deficits including walking, talking, eating and right sided weakness and numbness.

He uses a wheel chair but has been able to use a Walker with braces on his leg to stand. He continues treatment and therapy and has made so many good improvements.  There is a treatment called Perispinal Etanercept that could drastically improve his conditions and deficits. It reduces inflammation in the brain caused from the stroke and would just totally change his quality of Life.

The only problem is, the treatment is not covered by any medical  insurance and my Aunt and Uncle have to travel to Florida so Uncle Gary can receive the treatment.  Each treatment is around $7500 – including travel expenses.  (They recommend two treatments for best results).

We were hoping and praying to be able to raise enough for one treatment  by November 12th. (his appointment date). My Aunt made the appointment before she even knew where funds were going to come from!  Which I think speaks mountains about her faith and belief that God was going to make this happen!!

Any help you could give through our gofundme account would be such a wonderful help.

Click this link below to go to Gary’s page:


Thank you so much for your consideration!

Mandy Hiott RT

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