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Blue Agave Tavern opens in Lewisport


An historic event happened in downtown Lewisport Sunday afternoon when Blue Agave Tavern held a soft grand opening for friends and family. Hancock County went dry around 100 years ago during the midst of the Temperance Movement, and all alcohol sales in the county were banned.

“Opening the bar is a game-changer,” Bridget Richard said. “This happening right now is history.”
Jamie Howard agreed, and said it is an exciting event for the city of Lewisport.
“It is big,” she said. “It has been a long time coming.”

The Romo family, owners of Los Amigos in Tell City, Ind, owns the establishment. Jose’ Romo, wife Tarah and sister Vanessa Romo spoke about their excitement bringing a new business to Lewisport.
“It is a really amazing town with great small town values,” Jose’ said.

Sister Vanessa also expressed her pleasure at the tavern’s opening in Lewisport.
“We are very proud to bring something new to the community,” Vanessa said. “We can’t wait to make new friends and family in Lewisport.

Jose’s wife Tarah also spoke about the excitement the family feels in bringing something new to Lewisport.
“I am happy for my family working hard to bring something different to Lewisport,” she said. “I am super excited about it.”

Lewisport Mayor Chad Gregory and council member Marsha Johnson each attended the soft grand opening, and shared their thoughts on the establishment’s opening.
“It is a nice addition to Lewisport,” Gregory said. “It is a nice building, nice atmosphere and great people.”

Marsha Johnson agreed, and said the establishment offered a great atmosphere for customers to enjoy. Bridget Richard called the tavern a place to hang out and relax for a while. She said it was nice to have a place close to home to go grab a drink.
“It does not feel like a bar,” Richard said. “It feels like Cheers!”

By Ralph Dickerson


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