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Vaccination goal falls short at Commonwealth; $20,000 goes unclaimed

Earlier this year Commonwealth Rolled Products in Lewisport announced an incentive program for its employees to get vaccinated. The company planned a $5,000 cash drawing, a $10,000 cash drawing and a grand prize of $20,000 or a choice between a Kubota X1100C RTV or a John Deere XUV835M RTV. The company set benchmarks the vaccination percentage needed to reach to trigger the drawing.

In May the company held the first drawing when 30-percent of the plant’s employees turned in proof of a vaccination, and Don Adams won the $5,000 drawing. In July of this year the company hit its goal of 50-percent vaccinated to trigger the second drawing. Jarrod Irvin won this drawing, and received $10,000.

The company set a goal of reaching 70-percent vaccination status by July 4th, but fell short of this goal. The company extended the drawing to September 6, but the drive stalled after the plant reached the 50-percent mark.

“As of August 31, 2021, 52-percent of our employees are fully vaccinated,” Commonwealth Rolled Products Human Resources Director Jeff Willis said in an emailed statement. “We continue to see small improvements which are in line with the local area vaccination rates…While we will not achieve our 70-percent vaccination rate goal by Labor Day, we will continue to encourage employees to help fight COVID-19 by becoming vaccinated, wearing a mask, social distancing, proper hand-washing and sanitizing frequently touched items.”

Willis said though the grand prize drawing is now off the table, the company plans to continue to encourage employees to get vaccinated. He said the company plans to continue the one-time $100 payment to employees once they become fully vaccinated.

By Ralph Dickerson


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