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My Hummingbirds

Last Year I Put Out A Hummingbird Feeder, And It Did Not Take Long For The Little Rascals To Find The Feeder. From What I Can Tell, Two Different Birds Frequent The Feeder, And Each Bird Possesses Its Own Unique Personality; One Bird Is Timid, While The Other One Is Not. In Fact, The Aggressive Bird Chases Away The Timid Bird If They Both Arrive At The Feeder At The Same Time. For That Reason, The Timid Bird Shows Up Whenever The Other Bird Is Not Around.

The Timid Bird Is Somewhat Used To Me Now. Last Year It Would Simply Fly Away If I Happened To Be Sitting Out In My Porch Swing; It Waited Until I Left Before Approaching The Feeder. While It Still Does Not Approach The Feeder When I Sit Out In My Swing, It Has Started To Hang Around Until I Go Inside. It Usually Flies To A Tree Branch And Sits There Looking At Me Until I Leave. A Few Times I Actually Went Inside Early Just To Allow The Bird To Feed.

The Aggressive Bird Is Funny, But Also Highly Intelligent. It Knows Where My Eyes Are Located, And Often Makes Eye Contact With Me. How Do I Know? I Know From An Episode That Happened To Me A Couple Of Weeks Ago.

One Evening I Went Out To Sit On The Porch, As It Was A Really Pleasant Evening, And I Was Surfing The Web On My Phone As I Relaxed In The Swing. I Heard The Bird Fly Up, But Did Not Really Pay Much Attention. Suddenly I Noticed The Sound Of Its Wings Flapping Get Louder And I Looked Up.

The Bird Was Roughly One Foot Away From Me And Was Staring At Me. When It Noticed I Looked Up And Was Making Eye Contact It Flew Backwards While Maintaining Eye Contact To The Feeder. It Then Went Around To Each Station On The Feeder.

I Had Let The Feeder Run Empty, And The Bird Was Letting Me Know. After Flying Around Each Station On The Feeder, The Bird Then Flew Back Towards Me Until It Got About A Foot Away, And Then Again Flew Backward To The Feeder While Maintaining Eye Contact. This Time It Simply Stopped And Hovered Over The Feeder! It Was The Bird’s Way Of Telling Me To Put More Food In The Feeder. I Got Up, At Which Point The Bird Darted Away, Grabbed The Feeder And Went Inside And Put More Food In It.

Sunday Night I Was Sitting Out On My Porch Swing, And The Aggressive Bird Flew Up. It Made Eye Contact With Me Before Going To The Feeder To Eat. It Fed At One Station For A Few Seconds Before Switching To Another Station.

Each Time It Switched Feed Slots, It Made Eye Contact With Me First Before Starting To Feed. I Am Not Sure If It Was Trying To Determine If I Was Not Going To Attack Him, Or Wanted Me To See It Was Eating From The Feeder So I Would Be Sure To Not Let It Run Out Of Food.

By Ralph Dickerson


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