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Commonwealth extends vaccination Incentive for $20,000 drawing

Commonwealth Rolled Products in Lewisport launched a vaccination incentive program in March 2021 with a goal to have 70% of their employees vaccinated by July 4th.

The vaccination incentive provided a potential grand prize of $20,000 or a choice between a Kubota RTV-1100C and a John Deere XUV835M UTV with additional cash prizes of $5,000 and $10,000.

“Each person who gets vaccinated and provides a copy of his or her vaccination card to Human Resources receives $100 one-time bonus incentive. After documentation is provided, the employee also becomes eligible to participate in the drawings,” said Jeff Willis, Director of Human Resources. “Each eligible employee is assigned a random ticket number, which is verified and placed in a drum. Chuck Coney, Vice President, Operations, is then blindfolded and pulls out the winning tickets.”

When 30-percent of the plant’s employees received their vaccination, those employees become eligible to win the first $5,000 cash prize. The first $5,000 drawing on May 3rd went to lucky winner, Don Adams, Cold Mill Bridle/Threader.

As Commonwealth’s vaccinations reached 50-percent on July 6th, those employees became eligible for a cash prize of $10,000. Just this past Friday, July 9th, Commonwealth’s second cash prize of $10,000 went to lucky winner Jarrod Irwin, South Casting Dross Handler.

Although Commonwealth didn’t achieve 70% by July 4th, the decision was made to extend the timeline for their third drawing.

This last and final drawing for $20,000.00 (grossed up) or the option to select a RTV-X1100C Kubota or XUV835M John Deere, will be held on or before Labor Day, September 6, 2021, if the goal of 70% of employees vaccinated is reached.

“50% of our workforce has received $100 for getting vaccinated,” said Jeff Willis. “The total amount provided to our employees so far, which includes the first two winners and $100 incentive, is $72,000. When the last and final drawing is made, the total incentive provided will be around $114,000.”

With the additional $20,000 incentive potentially coming this Labor Day, Commonwealth continues to encourage their employees to do their part in keeping themselves and the local communities safe and healthy.

By Linda Dillon

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