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School staff receives second vaccine shot

On Friday morning employees of the Hancock County School System received their second COVID-19 vaccination shot at the Hancock County Health Department in Hawesville.

According to Hancock County Board of Education District Health Coordinator Carrie Kimbrell, approximately 157 employees received the second shot.
“It went well,” Kimbrell said. “I do not know of anyone that had any extreme reactions.”

Typical reactions to the shot range from a sore arm at the injection site to fever, achiness and tiredness. Other side effects include chills, and headaches.

The 157 employees vaccinated Friday are not all of the employees in the system. This number represents just the ones vaccinated at the health center. Other district employees received vaccinations from other locations, Kimbrell said.

Kimbrell praised the Kentucky Department of Education for helping make the vaccine available for school district employees statewide.  “We were lucky to get that opportunity,” she said.

By Ralph Dickerson

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