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Comcast bringing internet, other services to Hawesville

Hawesville will be getting a new internet provider after the city council approved the beginnings of a franchise agreement with Comcast Tuesday night.

Mayor Charles King introduced a 15-year cable franchise agreement with the company during the meeting but said that Comcast had told him they also planned to provide internet.

Comcast had sent a representative to a meeting in March to ask for permission to run fiber optic lines through the city, although at the time they said it was simply to feed Perry County and Elizabethtown and that no service would be provided to Hawesville.

King said that has now changed.
“What they want to do, and they are moving toward this, and you can tell everybody, they’re marking the poles, they’ve got an agreement with AT&T and they’re going to use their poles for cable, I believe,” he said.  “And they’re going to have high-speed internet off of fiber optics.”
“It just blows my mind they’re coming right through our town and we can’t get that,” said councilman Justin Nugent.
“They said they’re going to provide it,” said King.
“They are going to provide it?” Nugent said. “Because at one time they said they weren’t.”
“It’s been sort of an off and on thing,” King said.

In March the company rep. had told the council they had the right to require a franchise or some other kind of agreement for Comcast running lines through the city, and King said the city benefited financially from that.
“What it did, it made us some money, because then they got in a bind, they had to have this easement,” he said. “I found out they had to have it within a week, so I waited two days, I gave them three days. Anyway, that’s when we made the deal and we got $13,000 from them.”

In the cable franchise Comcast will pay 5 percent of gross revenues to the city, but that agreement isn’t finalized yet.

A representative from Comcast of the South, the division that’ll have the franchise, verified Wednesday that the company does plan to offer internet to Hawesville.

“We can confirm that we plan to provide residential internet service to Hawesville – as well our Xfinity Video, Home and Mobile services,” said Michelle Gilbert, vice president of public relations for Comcast’s Heartland Region.

The council also took the following actions:
• Held the first reading of an ordinance raising sewer rates 15 percent for residential customers and 49 percent for industrial customers. The second reading and passage will be held at a special called meeting Thursday morning, November 12, at 6:30 a.m.
• Approved the minutes of the October 13 meeting.
• Approved the bills from October.
By Dave Taylor

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  1. Jacob Haycraft on February 5, 2021 at 10:39 pm

    Following this story closely! Cannot wait for them to start offering the internet! This is what hawesville needed for sure cant wait for more info on this

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