Hancock Accidents

Accident at 110 Main Street
A car backed into another car at 110 Main Street in Hawesville. The house at this location is subdivided into apartments, with several different tenants sharing parking spaces by the dwelling. The accident happened on January 6 at roughly 5 p.m. Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Hendrick filed the accident report.

According to the report, a 2012 Nissan Maxima was parked in the drive at 110 Main Street in Hawesville. Jake Kirk went to back a 2011 Ford Focus parked to the right of the Maxima, and pulled into the side of the Maxima. The driver of the Maxima, Lane Tongate, of 110 Main Street, said when she came to the car, she noticed damage to the side of the vehicle, and called Hancock County Dispatch for an officer to come and take a report. Tongate said a blue vehicle was parked beside her, and had to be the vehicle that hit her car.

The next day Hendrick made contact with Kirk, the driver of the Ford Focus. Hendrick said he noticed damage on the Focus consistent with the vehicle backing into the Maxima. Kirk said the Maxima was parked so close to the Focus, that Kirk’s girlfriend could not back the vehicle out, so he backed it out. Kirk did not completely admit to backing into the Maxima, but said he told Tongate he would pay for the damages to the vehicle.
Tongate’s Maxima sustained minor to moderate damage, but did not require a tow. Kirk’s Focus sustained minor damage, and also did not require a tow.


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