Popsicles to treat sore gums morphs into business venture

By Ralph Dickerson

Earlier this year Chelsea Boling, of Hawesville, decided to make her one-year old son Easton home made ice popsicles to help with his teething.

“It was to help with the soreness of his gums, is something fun for him to do and be able to eat independently,” Chelsea said. “He really liked them.”

What started out as something to help with her son’s teething blossomed into a new business venture. Chelsea named her business Hello Pops, and makes them in the kitchen at Galaxy Pizza.

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur,” Chelsea said. “I always wanted to build something from the ground up.”

She graduated from Hancock County High School in 2011, and attended the University of Louisville. She earned a degree in bioengineering and an MBA from the school.

Chelsea says at this time she makes three flavors: pineapple, watermelon and lemonade. She is working on a recipe for a strawberry pop. Each pop is made from all natural ingredients, and she sells them for $3 each, or a package of five for $15.

Chelsea said she made 500 sales in her first two weeks, and Hello Pops are available at Galaxy Pizza, Weber Store and at Cinema 66. She also delivers the pops on weekends. Delivery orders must be five or more pops for free delivery. She delivers to Hancock County, Owensboro and Tell City, Ind.

“It is keeping me very busy,” she said. “I have had a lot of orders.”

Chelsea said she offers Hello Pops at a bulk rate for people placing a large order for a party or a wedding. She uses a portable freezer in her vehicle to keep the pops frozen while making deliveries.

“I hope to expand this business,” she said.

Chelsea said she trained her husband Daniel on how to make the pops, and they work on them together now. She works for Humana as a program manager, and husband Daniel is the assistant Hancock County Attorney. Making the pops gives them something else to do other than their work.

“It is a nice break from that,” she said.

With the way the business is growing, Chelsea said she and Daniel are looking at building a commercial kitchen at their home in Hawesville to make the pops. If they build the kitchen, Chelsea said she would need to hire help to make the pops.

“I look forward to be able to offer these to the community,” she said.

Right now she receives many orders from her Facebook page Hello Pop. She said people wanting to order can contact her via the Facebook page or via her business email: [email protected].

Chelsea is the daughter of Mark Wimmer and Juanita and Jimmy Lawson.


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