State reduces mowing of highways

By Dave Taylor

Drivers who might have noticed a shaggy look to Highway 60 lately were right: the state did in fact reduce the area it mowed.
“The first round that we did was sort of a reduced effort,” said Keirsten Jaggers, spokesperson for the Kentucky Department of Transportation.
This season will have three mowing cycles between May and October, with the first one having been completed and the second upcoming.
“We’re getting ready to do our second round and it will be the full mowing like we’ve done in the past,” she said.
Whether the third and final cycle will be a full cut or a reduced effort is yet to be decided, she said.
Exactly how many cycles are in a normal year was unclear as of press time, with Jaggers saying it could have been more in recent years, but saying that she doesn’t believe the number this year is smaller.
“I think it’s been three,” she said. “I think it’s just they’ve addressed how much grass they cut.”

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