Pool open at Windward Heights Country Club

By Ralph Dickerson

The pool at Windward Heights Country Club opened Memorial Day weekend, and family pool only memberships are available for $200 per year. A shelter exists by the pool, which makes the venue a great place to hold family gatherings, pool parties, birthday parties and other celebratory events.

Each year local swimming instructor Dave Cowden holds lessons at the club to teach children how to swim. According to statistics, swimming related accidents are the leading cause of deaths for children aged one to four years old. Cowden said all it takes for a child to drown is for an adult to take his or her eyes off of the child for just an instant. Experts say children need to be taught lifesaving skills such as how to float on their backs and to tread water to stay afloat. Cowden says he plans to offer classes at the club this summer.
“Windward Heights Country Club and myself are working up a plan to have lessons,” Cowden said. Cowden said he is currently working with his golf team, and needs to find a schedule to allow him to work with the golf team, and also hold swim lessons. Cowden said he probably will offer basic swim lessons, and the parents need to accompany the child to the lessons and be in the water with him as he provides instruction. Cowden said this gives both the parent and child the needed information to stay safe in the water.

Cowden said he started teaching basic swimming lessons 62 years ago, and it has been a big part of his life. He does not want to see any parent lose a child to a swimming accident, which is why he has devoted so much of his life teaching children proper swimming techniques.

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