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Hawesville City Mayor Rob McCormick

Mayor McCormick met with officials for future projects for Hawesville

Last week, Mayor Rob McCormick met with Deneatra Henderson, Chief District Engineer with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, as well as Scott Phelps and Matt West, both professional engineers in the Henderson area, to discuss the roadwork needed in the City of Hawesville. “About 3 weeks ago,” McCormick said, “we called the state engineering in for…

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Severe Storm – Power Outages, School Closings in Hancock County

  A massive storm system traveled across Western Kentucky on Friday, March 3rd causing a reported 351,000 customers to lose power. Hancock County Schools were closed on Friday and again on Monday, March 6th. Hancock County Emergency Management Agency, all of the county fire departments, the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department and Road Department workers have…

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City of Hawesville Awarded Grant; Storm Water Pump Station Renovation

The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program has awarded $788,751 to the City of Hawesville to update and renovate the city’s storm water pump station. This upgrade is very necessary, as the station helps prevent flooding by collecting storm water from the city and pumping it over the levee when river elevation requires the sluice gates to…

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