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Cameron wins Republican bid; will face Beshear for governor in November

Daniel Cameron
Republican candidate for Governor

Cameron or Beshear -Choices for Kentucky Governor

Tuesday, May 16th was primary election day in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Of the 3,468,537 registered voters in KY, around 14 percent cast ballots in the democrat and republic primaries, choosing who will appear on the general election ballot in November.

The 2 democrat candidates challenging incumbent Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear were Geoff Young and Peppy Martin.

Beshear’s win with over 90 percent of the total votes in Kentucky, was not unexpected.

In a recent poll it is reported that he is actually the 5th most popular governor in the U.S., and the most popular democrat governor in the nation. Hancock County voters showed solidarity with this trend by casting 363 votes for Beshear, a whopping 90.98 percent.

Of the 12 republican candidates running for the KY Governor seat, there were 3 leading in the polls, Ryan Quarles, Kelly Craft and Daniel Cameron.

Attorney General Cameron won with almost 50 percent of republican voters in KY choosing him as Beshear’s challenger in the general election. In Hancock, 47.93 percent voted for Cameron, with a total of 313 votes.

Secretary of State

Buddy Wheatley was the one democrat candidate in the race for KY Secretary of State. The 3 republican candidates were incumbent Michael Adams, Stephen Knipper and Allen Maricle. Adams won with 63.9 percent of the KY vote. He received 249 HC votes.

State Auditor

Republican candidate Allison Ball won in the primary, and will be challenging Kimberley Reeder for KY State Auditor of Public Accounts. Ball received 335 HC votes.

State Treasurer

Republican Mark H. Metcalf won his race, and will be facing off with the lone democrat candidate for KY State Treasurer, Michael Bowman. Metcalf gained 320 HC votes.

Commissioner of Ag

The majority of democrat votes in KY went to Sierra J. Enlow. She will be challenging the republican nominee, Jonathon Shell, for KY Commissioner of Agriculture. Enlow, however, was not the popular vote in Hancock. She received 171 HC votes. Her challenger, Malone, received 185.

Attorney General

The primaries were both canceled for KY Attorney General. Pamela Stevenson (D) and Russell Coleman (R) both advanced, and will compete in the General Election, on Tuesday, November 7th. The last day to register for the 2023 General Election is Tuesday, October 10th.

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By Jennifer Wimmer

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