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New Play Structure and Trail Lighting at Vastwood Park

Vastwood Park will not only be getting the new splash pad and restrooms, there is now new playground equipment and soon to be new lighting around the entire walking trail as well. This is great news for families, children and those who enjoy walking the trail in early morning and evening hours.

“We just wanted to get the lights a little bit closer so that it would be lit all the way around the trail,” Hancock County Judge/Executive Roberts said, “so that we could get that all lit up all throughout the campground. They’ll put lamps the rest of the way through it.”

“We bid this out several months ago. We got some quotes from some companies that would come in and do all of the lighting. It was too expensive so we partnered with Kenergy to finish this lighting. There were just some concerns. On the back side of Vastwood Lake it was dark and some folks walk after they get off from work and some folks walk early in the morning. I think it will help out a lot.”

After the contractor buries the wire, Kenergy will come in and set the lamp posts that will go from the campground all the way back to the beach house, Roberts said.  Once it’s finished, there will be lighting around the entire 1.1 mile walking trail.

Some of the older equipment was replaced at the playground and a new structure was installed. There is a ten-spin and a 3-bay swing set, as well as rubberized mulch placed after the structures were set.

The monies to pay for these two community enrichment projects were taken out of the Hancock County Fiscal Court’s budget. The lighting project cost will be between $30,000 and $40,000 for it to be completed. The playground upgrade was a little over $38,000.

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