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Mile Marker 5 CBD owner, Paul Glover talks about CBD, delta-8 and KY laws

Paul Glover, of Hawesville, began his journey in the Industrial Hemp Program in 2015 and started his own company, Mile Marker 5 CBD, offering oils, tinctures, salves and even soaps made with the medicinal hemp plant.
The cannabis plant has two main compounds: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). THC is mood-altering, habit-forming and illegal in some states.

CBD is not mood-altering, not habit-forming and legal in all 50 states and has been proven in studies to provide relief for cancer patients as well as offering relief from anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, pain, seizures, PTSD and more.

“My first crop was in 2016,” Glover said. “I’ve been in the program since 2015, when I met a forward-thinking gentleman by the name of James Comer, now District 1 State Representative (and was Kentucky State Agriculture Commissioner at the time when they met). He is a very well-liked gentleman and he got that program started for the state of Kentucky.”

Glover has had a crop each year since, except for the last year, he said. “That is due to the fact that the economy has gone to the wayside and covid and general administrative things that are going on nationally. The economy is really in the toilet right now. Our business has fallen off 86 percent between 2018 and today.”

Despite the hardships, he said he will continue to make his products. “We have oil, tinctures and we have a salve that works really well. Generally, I try to increase my product range. We have soap. Right now we have been given the go-ahead to sell delta-8 products, which is going to help the business side of it very well.”

CBD delta-8 is legal under the umbrella of the 2018 House Bill and contains less than 0.3 percent THC. It is legal in KY, but that has been debated and challenged.

Less than 24 hours after the injunction in favor of delta-8’s legality, Kentucky’s Senate Committee on Agriculture voted to pass SB 170, which would redefine delta-8 and amend KRS 260.852 and 260.858 in order to ban it from being produced and distributed.

Glover explains that his products are all manufactured according to the law: “CBD is a derivative of Cannabis sativa L. That is the name of the plant. Marijuana is Cannabis sativa L. They are both the same genus and species. My plants have been bread so that they do not have a very high THC level. I have to be within the letter of the law of being less than 3 tenths of 1 percent of THC.”

He went on to explain how the new demand for CBD delta-8 has inspired him to offer it to his customers as well. “The new market now is the delta-8 products. That’s what the consumers are starting to go to. My lab is working on this up in Louisville. I do currently have some delta-8 products that I’ve gotten from a trusted laboratory outside the state of Kentucky.”

Glover said that, in his opinion, the Department of Agriculture needs to “let the consumer help dictate where the market goes.” He explained why: “You can’t over regulate anything and expect it to flourish. The problem now is if we get into medical marijuana, I prefer to call it medical cannabis, it’s already passed the House. But, there are around 4 senators that have alternate influences on the Bill, they have repeatedly stalled efforts to legalize medical cannabis, like Alverado, Westerfield and Hornback. One of them, I think it’s Stivers, has his own liquor business. You’ve got the big liquor that the medical cannabis industry is fighting. It is really, truly a shame. We should have had this years ago. Years ago. Mississippi is even ahead of the state of Kentucky.”

If Kentucky legalizes medial marijuana, Glover said he will absolutely add that crop as well. “My facility is designed for that type of growth – where I could have it secured. Eventually, it will come around. But, the thing is, I do not want to see the Department of Agriculture with its fingers anywhere near medical cannabis. They have messed our system up. We used to be the top dog in the nation for industrial hemp. We are like sixth or seventh now in the nation.

What has happened, there have been overzealous administrators who are running that program and they think they have the world by the tail because they call the shots with Mitch McConnell up in Washington, D.C. to help write the verbiage for the 2018 Farm Bill. I have had to suppress my production out here on the farm due to the fact that the demand for CBD and CBD products, due to the economy, has caused a great big slow-down in revenue.

There is also pressure from cheap, foreign goods that influence the market – they’ve got CBD that comes in from China.

They are usually 90 percent cheaper than what can be made here in the United States. The problem is – you don’t know what’s in it. There are a lot of pesticides and heavy metals that are in the CBD that comes from off shore into the U.S.”

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  1. Jessie james Kelley on October 5, 2022 at 4:05 pm

    I wish y’all can get this pass I’m in so much pain I use cannabis it so much better then pain pills I have smoke cannabis most of my life it the best pain meds I still get shots in my lower back I have had surgery on my neck and I hope it gets pass soon I hate to move to Ohio I love Kentucky I just don’t understand why they don’t want to pass it it helps so many people.

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