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Brett Guthrie, U.S. Representative for Kentucky speaks at Hancock County Chamber

Brett Guthrie, U.S. Representative for Kentucky’s second congressional district, spoke at the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce Breakfast on Tuesday, August 9.
“One thing I want to talk about this morning is the event that happened last night (Monday, August 8) with the Mar-a-Lago raid,” Guthrie said. “That’s just unprecedented, that the FBI would go into an x-President’s home.
I think they should give us a classified briefing. If you go into an x-President’s home, it better be more than just circumstantial, more than just routine – or, I guess, just trying to locate documents. I would love to know how critical they were, and what level they’re looking for.”
What frustrates people on his side of the aisle, he said, is that it seems like the FBI is always investigating Republicans. “Yet, with Hunter Biden, they dismissed his laptop – we know that it is true.”
Congressman Guthrie said that he has already heard from several people (by Tuesday morning) about the raid on Trump’s home. “A lot of people are just frustrated that it seems always to be these one-way investigations, and hopefully we’ll be getting a classified briefing from the FBI on what happened. It is really crucial when you have an x-President being investigated and home raided by the FBI.”
The second item he discussed, was the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, a re-named version of the 2021 Build Back Better Bill, that the U.S. Senate passed on August 7, which focuses mainly on climate initiatives, health care investments, a more extensive IRS and higher corporate taxes.
The next step for this 750-page bill is the House vote on Friday, August 12.
“They spent $750 billion – but, putting more money in the economy, in my opinion, isn’t going to help,” Guthrie said. “They call it the Inflation Reduction Act, but there’s no credible study of this bill that says it’s going to do anything to reduce inflation. That’s just what they call the bill.
What it does – it taxes energy, because they say inflation is driven by high energy costs, which is a big part of it, as you can see with what’s happened here with Century Aluminum, because of energy costs.
They’re expecting energy costs to go up another 17 percent because of this bill, because it’s taxing energy we have today in hopes of producing clean energy in the future. There’s just nothing to transition to now – other than high energy prices.
So, they’re cooking into the economy, high energy prices.”
He says that the better option is to go energy independent again. “Like we were 2 to 3 years ago, and have low energy costs again.”
The Green New Deal is going to continue to raise energy prices, Guthrie said.

Another item that he said is concerning within the bill is the authority it allows to hire 87,000 new IRS agents.

“We have 20,000 border guards, and we’re hiring 87,000 additional IRS agents?
When they say the additional IRS agents are for millionaires and billionaires – there aren’t that many millionaires and billionaires.
As a matter of fact, there are 600 billionaires. You could hire 600 IRS agents to totally focus on the billionaires, and that would take care of the problem,” he said. “What they’re going for is middle class, small business America.
And, everybody should pay the taxes they owe. But, you better keep every receipt you ever had, because now you are going to have an IRS agent making you verify everything that you did. That’s what is going to really hurt people within the middle income.”
Another issue he addressed is about the talk of supposed lowered drug prices within the bill.

“Because they’re allowing the Federal government to negotiate for Medicare. Well, that’s a misnomer. What it is, is pricing – they’re price setting in the bill.
Currently, this year, of all the inflation going up, Medicare part B premiums are dropping 2 percent – under the current system. Now what they’re introducing is that the Federal government is going to set the price.
When you set prices, you get one of two things: you either get less supply or lower quality. We can’t afford to have less supply of pharmaceuticals or lower quality. We need the innovation that we’re having.
Also, they keep saying they’re saving money for seniors in Medicare Part B, when they’re taking the money they’re saving and they’re not rebating it back to seniors, they’re putting it into the Affordable Care Act.
They’re saving money in their Medicare Part B Program, in the short-term, by price setting. But, there’s an estimate in the long-term that all pharmaceutical companies will raise their prices, and so when they negotiate them down, they will be where the market says they should be.
The money that they claim to be saving, they’re spending in the Affordable Care Act.”
He said that with the cost of healthcare exploding, “all they’re doing is subsidizing people instead of trying to fix the real problem. That’s the gist of it.”
The House of Representatives will return from recess this Friday to vote on the bill, and Guthrie says that he hopes they will be given a classified briefing on the raid of President Trump’s home.
“We should know, you shouldn’t raid an x-President’s home – a future, potential Presidential candidate, without some clear and convincing evidence,” he said.
The second congressional district which Congressman Guthrie represents, includes Fort Knox, Owensboro, Bowling Green and Danville.


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