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Hawesville closes Upper Monroe Street on second reading

Hawesville City Council approved the second reading of an ordinance Tuesday evening which closes about 250 feet of Upper Monroe Street. The abandoned street joins Jennings Street.

The closure comes as the street has been impassable as a thoroughfare for decades, with Mayor Charles King saying “there’s 30 years of trees and brush grown up on the property.”

“The City could never open it for traffic,” Kind said Wednesday. “It serves no purpose for the public, and one property owner along the area actually has a portion of his house encroaching on the street. It’s not his fault; he didn’t know anything about it until this process started.”

The strip of real estate covered in the ordinance is about 50 feet wide. King said once publication of the ordinance is accomplished, the city will begin working with the adjacent property owners on deeds and plotting to incorporate the land into their ownership.
King said even in the 1960s only tractors and a Volkswagen he owned “were about the only thing that could get up there.”

By C. Josh Givens

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