Commonwealth’s quest to get all employees vaccinated names first winner

Commonwealth first Vaccination Incentive Drawing Winner on Monday, May 3rd.   

At 11:00 a.m. we held our first vaccination incentive drawing in the Red Room for an opportunity to win $5,000.00. I’m pleased to announce that Don Adams, Cold Mill Bridle/Threader, was our lucky winner.

Each eligible employee was assigned a random number. Those ticket numbers were verified and placed in a drum. Rich Burchett, our COO, was masked and blindfolded when he pulled out ticket number 79, which was assigned to Don. A total of 328 active employees were included in the drawing as they were a part of the first 30% who turned in their completed vaccination card.

Below are the remaining incentives based on the set targets:

Once 50% of our employees are fully vaccinated, those employees will be eligible to win$10,000(grossed up for taxes) AND the mask requirement will be lifted as long as social distancing (6 feet or greater) can occur and barring any government mandates regarding mask requirements.

If 70% of our employees are fully vaccinated on or before July 4, 2021, those employees will be eligible to win$20,000.00(grossed up) OR select a RTV-X1100C Kubota or XUV835M John Deere.

As of today, we are at 34.36% for those who have not started the vaccination process.

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