Hancock District Court Report

The Hancock County District Court Arraignment Docket for Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

The Honorable John McCarty presiding.
Probate court
Regarding the estate of Jaxon Richardson, annual report scheduled. Account reviewed.
The estate of Glenn Dexter Marsch, motion hour scheduled. Order signed accepting informal final settlement.
The estate of Phyllis Emmick, settlement scheduled. Order signed accepting settlement.
The estate of Eva Marie Payne, probate hearing scheduled. Executor appointed and sworn in, bond signed and inventory accepted.
The estate of Iris Louetta Ralph, probate hearing scheduled. The decedent’s will probated, executor appointed, written oath and bond signed.
The estate of Sharon Kaye Stutts, probate hearing scheduled. The case continued for two weeks.
The state of Ricky Glen Bolen, probate hearing scheduled. Administrator appointed and sworn in, bond signed and inventory accepted.
Civil Court
Mariner Finance LLC of Owensboro vs Shanna Burden, motion hour scheduled. Order signed.
Small Claims Court
Michael D. Garvin vs Jacob Warren Graham, other hearing scheduled. No action.
Misdemeanor Court
Gabrial L. Muffett, arraignment, possession of marijuana. The defendant entered a plea of guilty and fined $100 plus costs.
Aaron Allen Logsdon, arraignment, two charges. 1) Possession of marijuana. The defendant entered a plea of guilty. The defendant’s 30-day jail sentence probated. 2) Drug paraphernalia-buy/possession. The defendant’s charge deferred two years.
Samuel L. Flinn, pretrial conference, assault fourth degree minor injury. The defendant’s case continued to 7-29-20 at 9 a.m.
Zachary Mattingly, arraignment, violation of Kentucky EPO/DVO. The court issued a summons for the defendant to appear in two weeks.
Diverted cases
None recorded.
Felony Court
Cody Dewayne Rowland, arraignment, three charges. 1) Speeding 26 MPH over/greater. 2) Reckless driving. 3) Fleeing or evading police-first degree. The defendant’s case continued to 7-29-20 at 9 a.m.
Diverted Cases
None recorded.
Traffic Court
Kenneth C. Clark, review scheduled. The court issued a notice for the defendant to appear on 8-26-20.
Dylan S. Willis, arraignment, failure to produce insurance card. The defendant’s charge amended to all others. The defendant failed to appear; the court sent a notice to the department of transportation.
Korey Pierce, arraignment, license to be in possession. The defendant provided proof; the court dismissed the charge without prejudice.
Diverted Cases
Melissa Gail Whitworth, diversion scheduled. The defendant’s charge dismissed without prejudice.
Real Estate
Phillip C. Swift and Lora Faye Swift to Kurtis Michael Swift, two tracts.
Victoria L. Shively and Jacob D. Shevely and Victoria L. Sipes to Joel White, lot on Market Street in Lewisport.
Amy Jo Severs-co-administrator, Evelyn Lorraine Tuggle-co-administrator, Amy Jo Severs, Nicholas Mark Severs, Evelyn Lorraine Tuggle and Terry Leon Tuggle to Richard E. Buchok, lots 61 and 62 Hancock Park Subdivision.
Kraftcor Federal Credit Union to Brian Scott Hays, lot 34 city of Hawesville.
Mary Elizabeth Davidson to Daniel J. Doyle and Mary Helen Doyle, lot 65 Hawesville.
Selena Plock Farrow, James D. Farrow and Selena Plock Sims to James D. Payne and Carla G. Payne, 745 Madison Street.
Maxine L. Nelson, James Michael Banks and Elizabeth Amelia Banks to Stanley Monroe Johnson and Sharon S. Johnson, lot 17 Hancock Park.
Jeremy L. McManaway, Carrie McManaway, Nicholas D. McManaway, Genie McManaway, Joshua W. McManaway and Michelle McManaway to Jonathan Jackson and Machaela Jackson, two parcels, 2.867 acres state Route 69.
Marriage licenses
Shrina Kae McClure and John Grey Sanders.

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