Man suffers injury when motorcycles wreck
An Owensboro man suffered injury when he wrecked his motorcycle on state Route 1389 at the intersection with state Route 271, four miles west of Hawesville. The wreck happened Monday at roughly 1 p.m. Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Emmick filed the accident report.
Kenneth A. McGary, of Philpot, Jeromy S. Higdon, of Owensboro, and Dustin R. Russell, of Owensboro, told Emmick as they rode their bikes east on state Route 1389, they encountered a flagger in the road at the intersection with state Route 271. The flagger was stopping traffic due to a stuck semi blocking the roadway at the intersection with Franklin Gaynor Road and state Route 1389, roughly a mile or so further east.
McGary noticed the flagger and stopped his 2015 Yamaha near the flagger. Higdon, following behind on his 2004 Honda CB600, noticed McGary stopping, but due to the short distance could not stop, so he tried to go to the right of McGary. Higdon clipped McGary’s motorcycle as he laid his bike over in an effort to avoid an accident. Russell, following behind the first two bikes on his 2016 Yamaha FZ09/FZ09C, saw the bikes trying to stop, and he tried to lay his bike down to avoid hitting them. When he did, the bike started to flip with him, and he suffered serious injury to his abdomen/pelvic area.
Hancock County EMS arrived on scene to provide first aid. Later Hancock County EMS transported Russell to Owensboro Health Regional Hospital for additional treatment.
Russell’s bike sustained moderate damage, but was not towed. The other two motorcycles did not sustain damage.
Car hits building
A car sustained damage when it rolled backward into a building. The accident happened on July 17 at roughly 3 p.m. Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy BJ Burton filed the accident report.
Randall D. Hendricks, of Hawesville, told Burton he parked his 2009 Honda Accord in the driveway at 350 Center Way in Hawesville. He told Burton the car was not in gear and rolled backwards into the building. The car sustained minor to moderate damage to the bumper and right taillight. The building did not sustain damage.
Phone causes wreck
A Hawesville man wrecked his vehicle after glancing down as this phone while driving. The accident happened on state Route 69, approximately six miles south of Hawesville on July 17 at roughly 2:45 p.m. Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy BJ Burton filed the accident report.
Cody Jessup, of Hawesville, told Burton he glanced down at his phone while driving his 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer, and ran his vehicle off the road. The Trailblazer continued off the road and stuck an abandoned home on the property in question.
The SUV sustained moderate to severe damage. A wrecker from Bob’s Garage removed the vehicle.

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