Thelma Robertson, 97 and still going!

By Ralph Dickerson

Thelma Robertson does not let a little ole thing like age slow her down. Though not able to get around as well as she once did, she continues to live by herself in her home in Hawesville, and gets outside as often as possible to do some yard work.
“I mowed my yard for 20 years,” Thelma said.
If not for a stroke in 2017, she would still be out mowing her yard. The stroke left her weak, and her eyesight is failing her.
“I am so weak I can barely stand up,” Thelma said. “I can barely do nothing!”
Thelma started mowing her yard 24 years ago at age 73, when the doctor told her husband Martin to quit mowing the yard for health reasons. One year later he passed, and Thelma continued to mow the yard. When her stroke stopped her from being able to mow her yard, her neighbor started to mow the yard for her.
Thelma still likes to get outdoors and do things though, like weeding around the landscaping in front of her house. Though barely able to see, she does not let it stop her from getting out. She holds onto the door frame as she heads out the door, then sits down on her porch and scoots to the edge and down the steps. She stays seated as she weeds, just scooting along. Thelma also weeds the landscaping by feel since she does not see well.
“On a bright day I can see the white house across the road,” she said.
When it comes to people, she can no longer make out faces. Thelma recognizes people by their voice.
When outside and not weeding, Thelma moves around with a walker. Inside her house she uses a cane and feels to find her way around.
“I keep everything picked up and in its place,” she said.
Thelma’s kids help her as often as possible. She said her daughter Karen Dunnigan comes to visit once a month and does her finances for her. Son Mark comes and takes her to the doctor when needed. Otherwise, Thelma gets around by herself.
“The Lord has been so good to me,” Thelma said.

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