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Commonwealth Rolled Products

Job seekers have several opportunities coming up

By C. Josh Givens In light of the June announcement by Century Aluminum that the company will lay off 628 employees throughout July and August in advance of a 9-to-12-month curtailment of production, there have been several recent hiring events in Hancock County and the surrounding area. The Clarion learned this week Century has begun…

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Chinese power shortages could mean boost for American aluminum producers

China is facing an energy crisis. The global industrial power produces about 56 percent of its electricity through thermal production methods, utilizing coal, much of which is imported from Australia. The energy shortage has resulted in significant impact to China’s manufacturing sector in the three main industrial provinces – Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong – as…

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Hancock County Airport Open House; Saturday, October 9

After a short break, the Hancock County Airport Open House returns on Saturday, October 9. The airport is located at 500 Airport Road in Lewisport, close to Commonwealth Rolled Products. The highlight of the open house is free flights from the Young Eagles program for kids age 8 to 17. Over the years, hundreds of…

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Sen Rand Paul meets with Century on importance of military grade aluminum

Dr. Senator Rand Paul met with Century Aluminum employees, local industry leaders from Domtar Paper Mill, Commonwealth Rolled Products, Southwire and Hancock County’s leaders on Thursday. The primary purpose of Senator Paul’s visit was to meet with Century Aluminum and key leaders of Hancock County regarding issues facing the aluminum industries.  Hancock County has an aluminum…

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Commonwealth Vaccination incentives

To help encourage its employees to get their COVID-19 vaccinations, Commonwealth Rolled Products in Lewisport created a vaccination incentive program, with a potential grand prize of $20,000 or a choice between a Kubota RTV-1100C and a John Deere XUV835M UTV, according to a company press release. The company launched the campaign in March. When the…

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