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What I learned from dying

What I Learned From Dying: Is This My Last Christmas?

With Christmas fast approaching I’ve been thinking about how the odds were stacked against me even being here for it. No one ever explicitly stated that I wouldn’t be here for Christmas but they made it pretty clear that I wouldn’t be around long, and that was eight months ago. And when you consider that…

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What I learned from dying: Dreaming of dumplings

By Dave Taylor I haven’t been able to eat anything by mouth since about April. I’ve gotten 100 percent of my nutrition, both food and water, through a feeding tube, but that’s been fine because I was never all that into food. But lately I find myself obsessing and even dreaming about the foods I…

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What I learned from dying; Living with cancer is honestly great

Having cancer has been great. Yes, I just said that having cancer has been great. Perhaps I could qualify that statement by saying that dying from cancer has been crappy, but living with it has been a genuine blessing. I’ve felt better the past week or so, including this week when I’m typing this with…

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What I learned from dying. Who wants my stuff?

Like most things medical, I’ve been willfully ignorant about chemotherapy. I’ve always considered myself healthy as a horse – and I in fact have outlived several horses – so I never needed to know about anything about it. I started my chemo regimen on Monday and I’m told that on days three through five after…

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